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In my dream, I got a puppy. I didn't know what kind it was going to be, but I got a box (about the size of two shoe boxes side by side) and brought it into what was apparently my room, shooing the cats out first. The box was oddly still, with no air holes, but this didn't seem unusual in the dream. I set the box on my bed and opened it. The puppy was in a clear plastic bag (which was open on one side), as if it was some prepackaged, store-bought thing-in-a-box. It looked like it was part dalmation, part something else, because it was kind of brown and fluffy in some areas and lean and spotted in others. I pulled out the puppy, and it lay still, with its eyes closed. I worried that it was dead, so I rolled it over and put my fingers on its chest, feeling for a heartbeat. As I poked around its ribcage, I felt/heard a heartbeat, so I started rubbing the puppy's chest to see if I could wake it up. Eventually, its little limbs twitched, and it opened its eyes. Then it turned into a little boy with a light brown bowl cut, maybe 3 years old. The boy sat up and smiled. He said something, but I don't remember what, and threw his arms around me. I just kind of sat there, wondering what the heck was going on. The boy got off the bed and knelt on the floor. But as soon as he knelt, he turned back into a puppy and fell unconscious again.

I was apparently in some sort of mini fighter jet, and I was speeding around inside some building. Another jet was after me, so I quickly sped into a room and closed the door. I was hanging out in there with the puppy, and I went to take a shower. Afterwards, I went to the door, wrapped in a couple towels, and opened it. My coworker (who had apparently been chasing me in the jet) stood there looking kind of annoyed, and I explained that I was trying to take care of my sick puppy.

I was sitting in some sort of food court-ish area, telling someone about the puppy. I realized that I had a couple broken bones somehow, and when I had felt the puppy's ribs, I felt a broken one, and it was somehow actually my own broken rib. I contemplated going to the hospital and really dreaded it. Then my puppy walked by, only it had grown bigger and had apparently recovered. I told the person (I don't remember who it was, just some random dream person) I thought the puppy was half sheepdog, half pit bull, because its head kind of looked like a sheepdog, but its legs looked like a pit bull.

I woke up wanting a puppy, but not a half-dead one.

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