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Hot damn, the Apple store is fast. I ordered an iPod Touch last night (maybe 9:30-ish), and I got an email first thing this morning (around 8) that said it had shipped, and I'll probably get it tomorrow. Wow.

In my dream last night, I was reading a book about how people of different religions theorized what happens after you die. There were pictures too, but the only one I remembered was a girl by the edge of a river made of lava. There was a bridge and some stones going across the river, but there was a big gap (maybe 3 feet) by the edge, and the girl was pondering how to jump from the edge to the stones in front of the bridge. I guess it had something to do with crossing over to the afterlife, and since the girl had been bad, she was having a hard time getting to the bridge.

Then I was on top of a tall cliff, with a river below. It seemed to be in a cave of some sort, and it was fairly dim in there. There was some sort of wooden structure (kind of like a balcony, but something was different about it) on the edge of the cliff. Apparently this was where a lot of people came to kill themselves. I saw a picture of an old woman going up to the wooden thing to end her life. On the other side of the river, lava dripped from the cliff into the water. It was somehow only a few feet away from the balcony, even though the river was much wider.

I looked over the cliff into the river (it was flowing, with a few whitecaps, but not raging) and knew it was time to end my life. I was apparently very old at this point, it wasn't a sudden suicidal impulse. I looked at the lava dripping down and decided I would let it drip onto the back of my neck, and then I'd die and fall into the river. So I climbed onto the balcony thingy and leaned over so the lava was dripping on me. I barely felt anything, just as if something warm was dripping on the back of my head. Then I began to fall, and I wondered if I would die before I hit the water. As I fell, I thought of the gods in my stories and wondered if I would meet them once I had died. My vision blurred, and as I lost consciousness, I thought, may the gods have mercy on my soul. Then I felt a tugging sensation and woke suddenly.


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