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hey, my nose is almost clear! woohoo! but the idolmay (if you don't know what that is, use pig latin to decipher it) isn't working very well. gaaaaaah! oh well. at least i'm nice and toasty warm.

in sex and gender, the professor told us that the best career investment for a woman is breast implants. he wasn't encouraging that or anything, it was just an example of how pathetic and sex-obsessed our society is. jeez! does it even matter how good of a writer i am? if i want to sell my novels, do i have to go and flaunt my "jiggling jigglies" (laura comes up with the most interesting euphemisms...) in the editor's face? humph! well, i don't think jk rowling, tamora pierce, and anne mccaffrey had to do that, so neither will i. plus, i rarely leave my room or the bathroom wearing anything that bares anything more than my arms, ankles, and neck. sure, it's silly that i don't wear shorts and/or a tank top when it's hot out, but i'm a very modest person. my gray hoodie is my security blanket. my mom even made me this funky green outfit over the summer, but she made the top weird - it has a big neckline and slit sleeves. i don't know what she was thinking when she made it, and my sister even told her that i probably wouldn't wear something styled like that. well, i only wore it once, for the alpha planetarium reading (complete with my "panda porn star" ears). i wore the pants for thanksgiving, and they're perfectly fine, but the top is just weird. i like how the outfit makes me look like a pudgy little elf though.

alrighty, i have stuff to do. i'll probably be at the studio for the next few hours, working on my dragon neighborhood. hooray for masking tape, glue, and seashells!

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