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This winter keeps getting more and more interesting. So, during the epic blizzardfest of February, a few icicles started growing on the window awning above my garage. I figured they would, and I wanted to remove the awning because I was worried that the icicles would someday impale me or at least take out an eye (and nobody would believe that an icicle did it, and I'd hear "you'll shoot your eye out!" for the rest of my life). But these icicles kept growing and growing. And they brought their friends and relatives to the party. A lot of water was leaking through the porch awning too, and my front door got frozen shut twice. But the window awning icicles were the stars of the show, growing every day until they were at least 10 feet long. I was breaking off the tips so I could get my car out of the garage without knocking down the whole icicle party (which would impale and/or crush me through the car's roof).

This evening, I intended to stand on the porch with a shovel and knock those suckers down, hoping the neighbors wouldn't call the police when they heard loud shattering sounds. I was going to shovel the driveway/sidewalk and un-freeze my door too. So after work, I went out and got some waterproof gloves and a hair dryer (for the door). I pulled into my driveway and saw the window awning lying in front of the garage door, in a pile of snow and ice. The weight of the killer icicles from hell had ripped it from the side of the house, and it killed the garage light on the way and mangled my trash can too. (I might be able to salvage the garbage can with some duct tape, hopefully.) So I just parked in the end of the driveway and went in through the kitchen door (through ass-deep snow, might I add).

I shoveled a path from the kitchen to the front sidewalk and then shoveled the walk. I managed to rip off pieces of the mangled awning (it was old and aluminum, and the nuts'n'bolts were so rusted that I pulled off pieces with little effort) and got the thing out of the way. The driveway is still full of huge ice shards, but Jesse is going to come shovel tomorrow, so he can take care of that. I managed to get my front door open too. I chipped the ice out of the way and attacked it with the hair dryer, but then it wouldn't open because the edge of the carpet was in the way (it gets stuck a lot). I want to eventually rip out the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors underneath, so I just took a knife and cut a strip of carpet off. Then the door opened! But it only closes 75% of the way now. I had to wrench it open anyway, even in decent weather, so that's no surprise. But I'm getting a new door too. Which will hopefully never get frozen shut, because that's annoying. By the way, Cutco table knives are awesome at slicing carpet.

So, that was my adventure today. I love snow and all, but the constant blizzards are getting annoying. I'd love being snowed in if I was still in school, but they expect me to come to work in the mornings, and shoveling is exhausting. Oy.

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