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phew. i'm worn out. i was at the studio from 3-7 (i took a short break for dinner), then i was at the writer's house 7-9 for the golem meeting. at 9 i returned to the studio, and i stayed there til 2 am. i put in 9 hours on my project. yow. and tomorrow i'll put in at least another 2 hours (i think it's our last class day to work on them because they're due tuesday, the last day of half my classes). i'd say the project is about halfway finished. i'll probably end up pulling a couple all-nighters, but i know i'll have it finished by 10:00 tuesday morning! dave better give me an A since i'm working my ass off, and it's going to be one hell of a magnificent dragon neighborhood! i'm hungry. my hands are really dry now, i bet i have carpal tunnel syndrome, and the backs of my fingers are red and sore. it looks like a rash of some sort, and my hands are covered in tiny little nicks. ouch. oh well, i've had worse. finals will be over before i know it - which means i really have to get working on all the reading and finish the art project! pthhh.

super fantastic news though! at the golem meeting, we were deciding on which entries would be published in this semester's golem journal. we had PIZZA! out of 37 entries, 20 were accepted, and all 3 of my submissions were accepted! i submitted 2 poems - "wings" and "pomegranate blood," and i also submitted my "runaway mannequin" story. all 3 are up on my web site if you care to read them. i read "runaway mannequin" at the alpha planetarium reading too! in fact, the collage i made to go along with it is my background right now. i also read "pomegranate blood" at the golem halloween poetry reading.

yowwww it's late, i'm hungry, and i need to get as much sleep as i can, since tomorrow will be another long day...

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