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Writer's Block: Ten years to the day

What do you expect to be doing ten years from today, and where do you hope to be living?

I have the feeling I'll still be a cubicle ninja, putting in 8 hours in front of the computer before returning home to hop right back on the computer. Actually, I'll probably be telecommuting by then. Holy crap, I'll be 36 in 10 years. Eep! I'll still have my four cats, hopefully, and probably a dog, a turtle, and an octopus. (I promised myself I wouldn't get any more cats after Hagrid, but knowing me, I'll probably break that promise at least once in the next 10 years.) I may or may not still be living in this house, depending on the job situation, but I'll be satisfied as long as I have a place of my own and am not broke.

Hopefully I'll publish my novel by then, and maybe I'll publish another book or two. I bet I'll have solar panels and drive a sweet little car powered by used kitty litter or something like that. I'll hire a maid to clean the kitchen and bathroom and vacuum once a week. My cell phone will be the size of an SD card, and I'll have a giant computer installed in the wall and simply talk to it and wave my hand around to get it to do stuff. I'll order all my groceries online and will rarely have to leave the house. (I will when I get bored enough, though, and I'll continue to fail at gardening, so I'll occasionally step outside to see how fast my plants are dying.)

If I went back 10 years into the past and told myself what I'd be doing in 10 years, I would believe me. When I was 16, I figured that in 10 years, I'd be living in a trailer park with my cat, working at some boring job, and occasionally publishing books. Well, I'm doing slightly better than that (except for the whole book publishing thing... which I will do EVENTUALLY!), so I think I'm in good shape.
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