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Hagrid is turning out to be quite a charming thing. Though he's only 5 months old, he's about Yarmulke's size (she's the smallest adult cat in the house, perhaps medium size for a kitty, while Galahad is large and Bouncer is between the two). But the adult cats are sturdy and muscular, while his body has that lean adolescent look to it. He probably weighs 7 or 8 pounds, and he has enormous paws. He'll walk around all dainty-like with his long, floofy tail in the air (it's pretty much a feather duster, it's so fluffy), and then he'll try to leap onto something but slip and fall rather clumsily. He's terribly shy around unfamiliar humans, and if I pick him up and introduce him to someone, he'll bury his face in my arms and try to hide from them. He's surprisingly good with other cats, though. He's made friends with all the others, even Bouncer (who gets very nervous around unfamiliar creatures). He'll snuggle with the girls, and they'll wash him, and sometimes they'll chase each other around and play swatting games. Galahad likes him as long as I'm not petting him, because Galahad is an attention whore and has decided that my lap and hands are his property. If I pet another cat, he'll bulldoze his way in front of the cat so I'm petting him instead, and if another cat is in my lap, he'll plop down there too, even half-sitting on the other.

Though he's very shy, he's also very sweet. He'll frequently flop down at my feet and purrs like a motorcycle when I reach down to pet him. He doesn't come try to sit on my lap or just say "hi" like the others do, but if I pick him up and set him on my lap, he'll stay there for a long time and purr like crazy. He isn't quite used to sleeping on the bed yet, but in the last week or so, he's been climbing up to hang out with the others, and I'll occasionally wake up to find him napping by my legs or feet. He's curious and will play with anything. Like the others, he's a good bug-catcher. He also behaves himself very well. I only caught him on the kitchen counter once, and once I moved towards him, he realized I didn't want him up there and immediately hopped down. I haven't seen him scratch anything other than the various scratching posts, which is a nice surprise. But I don't think he's learned his name yet (either that, or he just ignores me when I call for him). He likes to hide in one spot under the bed and won't come out when I call him. Though he's social much of the time, I suspect he's somewhat introverted, like Yarmulke.

I had a bay window installed today. It turned out nice, and I know the cats will appreciate it (especially Yarmulke, she likes to sit in the front window and watch me pull into or out of the driveway). The windows are energy efficient too. I'm having a new door installed at some point, but I have to replace or remove the porch awning first. It partially collapsed Tuesday night, and right now there are bed frames and boards holding it up. Ah, fun.

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