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Writer's Block: A political affair

Do you think the public has a legitimate right to know about a politician’s personal/romantic life? When, if ever, do you think a politician’s personal history is relevant to his/her ability to perform in office?

I think that your personal life and working life are separate spheres and should be kept that way. Not just politicians, this applies to everyone. People should mind their own business and butt out of other people's personal lives. Gossip is toxic to everyone. I mean, if your personal life is interfering with your work life (buying hookers with company money, drinking on the job, etc.), then it's a concern, but otherwise, it's best to leave things alone.

Though I always have a good laugh whenever some hardcore evangelical "family values" homophobe gets caught with a harem of little boys or something along those lines.

Hagrid is getting friendlier, and now he likes to jump up on the bed, run over, and plop down near or next to me. He'll usually mew before jumping up. Though he's a giant, rugged-looking kitten, he has this teeny, high-pitched voice, and it's kind of adorable. He's pretty quiet, but sometimes when he's running around and playing, he trills and chirps. He's a sweet fellow. And so far, he's the most well-behaved cat I've ever had.
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