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Writer's Block: News development

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

I vaguely remember the 1988 election, and everyone in my kindergarten class was squabbling over Bush vs. Dukakis. I knew my parents were voting for Bush, so I was on that side, being too young to know anything about politics and form my own opinions. I didn't keep up with the news in the 80s, so I don't remember anything else until the Gulf War.

On another note, it's hard to eat Chinese food in bed when two or three cats insist on investigating the mysterious brown bag and trying to steal the contents. I did a bunch of yard work this weekend, adding layers of newspaper, peat moss, and topsoil to the strip of land outside the kitchen. I'm going to plant berry bushes there sometime in the next week. After that, I'll tackle the planting area around the pear tree and maybe expand it some more. I saw "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D. It was pretty neat and better than I expected (though many of the characters were just plain creepy-looking).
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