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i wonder if i'm going to get any paradise lost reading accomplished tonight. i promised myself i'd read 2 books of it tonight, but i haven't yet. i did do a little work on the dragons though, which is good. i still need to abduct a handful of toothpicks from brooks when the card swiper guy isn't at the table, and i think i can pull it off tomorrow morning. i'm also going to bring my fan in to blow off the excess sand from the road and help speed up glue-drying. i'm going to finish this project and do a kickass job on it! i've already assembled the shell family, and i have yet to work on the foil and sculpey families. i can do the foil family later, but i need to do the sculpey family tomorrow and take all the sculpey pieces to the writer's house so i can use their oven (i feel like a moocher, but i absolutely need to get this project finished before tuesday). the houses are mostly finished, i need to paint the roof on one, put doorknobs on two, and put plastic on all the windows. i'm sure none of you know what the heck i'm talking about, so i'll shut up about that.

anime night had a rather pathetic turnout, but we watched gundam. it was all right. space fighting isn't my thing, but some of the characters were interesting. then i came back and found a really long voice mail from megan. i called and left a message, and she'll probably call back sometime after midnight when i'm in the middle of reading something. oh well. i have a feeling i won't get much sleep this weekend, and by monday i'll be groggy, grumpy, and stressed, but i'll also have a feeling of accomplishment. after finals are over, i'll be able to relax for a few weeks and concentrate on worrying about other things like my nana, the condition of the world, and how insane i'll go next semester.

well, i had a long chat with megan about how fucked her computer is. it's after midnight, and i need to read stuff. i'm going to set my alarm tomorrow so i can go to breakfast and try to pull off my toothpick abduction plan. megan said i'm going to hell for it, and i started yelling about how toothpicks aren't worth anything and stealing a handful isn't a felony. then i said i could just go cut down a tree and make my own fucking toothpicks, and then the eco house would come crucify me. megan said i should go cut down the oldest tree on campus, take enough wood to make some toothpicks, and leave the rest there. yup, that would really get me in trouble with the college and certain groups in the college. but i wouldn't cut down a tree anyway. i don't kill things unless i plan to eat them. and i won't go to hell for swiping TOOTHPICKS from brooks! hahaha late night insanity is fun. you know, i don't believe in hell. and what will happen with the rule of 3? someday i'll be rich and have a friggin' cupboard of toothpicks, and one day some little girl will come and swipe a whole box of my toothpicks and that will be my punishment.

i just wasted a huge paragraph talking about toothpicks. i really am nuts. speaking of nuts, i bought a can of peanuts today. i figure i can bribe my dad with them when he comes to get me after finals. while on the way home from fall break i told him to help himself to some trail mix that the st. albans kids sent me, and while laura was giving me the grand tour of her building, he finished off the bag.

i need to go read now. i've been so unproductive today it's scary. on sunday night, i'm going to be really scary, so be prepared for a panicked, insane, nearly suicidal post. i'll get over it though. i'm always like this during finals.

fuck finals. goodnight.

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