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I went to the gun/knife show with my dad today, and they had some neat stuff. I didn't get any guns (I still need to set up a range in my yard and try out my new BB gun), but I got some other cool toys. My dad and I both got pistol crossbows, which should be fun. I also got a set of three 4" kunai with red ribbons on them (good for finding them in the yard). I was checking out the throwing weapons at one table, and the dealer came over and started showing me his selection of girlified knives. It was interesting to see how innocent-looking brushes, combs, and lipstick cases concealed blades, but I felt rather put off by the "oh, you're a girl, so here are some girly items with seeeeecret sissified blades for protective purposes" approach. Look, I know that girls should carry stuff for protection and all, but I'm more interested in the cool stabby/throwing things. I'm interested in weaponry for recreational purposes, not necessarily self-defense. As much as I wanted to shut him up by mentioning that my grandma was Utah state rifle champ back in her day, I'm a great shot myself, and I don't appreciate people assuming I'm a weak little girl who needs protection, I was too tempted by the 20% off table and didn't want to blow my chance to save a few bucks. (Yes, I will shut my mouth if it will save me money.)

I had some more interesting dreams last night. In the first one, I wanted to buy a turtle, so I was at this pet store. The clerk apparently gave me a bunch of free samples, so I ended up with about 20 plastic boxes full of creatures. I took them to the guest room at my mom's house and looked inside. Most of the boxes contained lizards, turtles, and amphibians, but one had a fluffy orange kitten, and another had a girl who was about 4" tall in it. Some of the creatures were starting to crawl out, so I put about half a dozen of the boxes into a bag, grabbed this big lid thingy, and put it on top, trying to seal it. I put it on the floor while I went to go look for some bigger habitats for my free sample critters, but then the bag fell onto one side, and the critters were all running around together, and a pot of dirt had spilled inside. I was worried that they were going to eat each other, and I saw a little red toy car driving around inside the bag (hmmm, I wonder if Toad was driving it). I reached into the bag and pulled out the tiny girl. She looked about 13 and wore a long, dark blue dress with many layers. It felt wet, though it didn't cling to her. I thought she might be Alice, in her shrunken size, and she mentioned somethingorother that might have related to Wonderland. She was rather disgruntled and didn't like me holding her, and she kept leaning over and biting my hand, though I barely felt it. I wasn't sure what to do with her, so I found a little box, lay her in it, and tried to lock the lid, though there was a chunk missing from it, and I feared she'd escape. She was already pretty mad at me.

In the next dream, I had apparently decided to buy a turtle based on the last dream. So I went to a pet store and checked out the animals. They had some pretty amazing creatures there. There were these birds in one big glass enclosure that started out looking like small, slender penguins and then eventually grew to look something like white peacocks with colored tails. In another enclosure were these strange birds in pastel colors with human-ish faces. I went over to look at the turtles, and they had some really weird ones, like a bright yellow turtle with weird neck pouches. Another tank apparently had several species in it, but on closer inspection, the turtle bodies were really made of lumpy clay with smiley faces drawn on, and there was this poor mottled red frog sitting in a little bird cage in one corner. I asked the clerk about it, and he tried to sell me this terrarium for $69.99

I woke up around 7:30, cursed my body clock for not letting me sleep in on the weekend, and then went back to sleep. I had a dream that it was Halloween, and I was at some sort of event. I grabbed a pumpkin, which was partially rotten on top and kind of caved in a little. I got on this little track made of newspapers, where a bunch of kids were in crawling position. Then I ran with my pumpkin to a finish line, but of course, I lost. So I went up some stairs and was looking at pieces of paper with t-shirt slogans on them. I picked out a couple by stabbing them with this pointy stick, but this one paper with some sort of vampire saying kept following me, so I grabbed it and said "I don't want this one! ...Well, I guess I have it now," and then I laughed, imagining it materializing in my wardrobe. I walked up the stairs and went into a room where they were having a bunch of kiddie activities, and I looked around for my neighbor.

I was going to attempt to do some gardening tomorrow, but it looks like the weather will be cruddy, so maybe not. Ah well, maybe I'll just make some targets for the range in the back yard. For the BB target, I'm planning to stuff a cardboard box with newspaper and tape it to a card table, and maybe stick a big flat board behind it for good measure. For light throwing weapons, maybe I'll make something out of cork board that I can attach to the big board. I want to make a target like they use for thrown weapons in the SCA, but I need to find a cross-section of a fairly porous tree first, then figure out how to make a good base for it. My neighbors just got a thrown weapons target, so maybe they can help. I looked at a few tomahawks today, but they're much cheaper online, so I'll get some later.

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