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Go shorty, it's my birthday, we gonna party like it's my birthday!

I went to Lidia's for dinner with Mom and Katie. I got a girly drink and grilled octopus (surprisingly non-rubbery and delicious, plus tennnnnnnnnntacles!) and some chicken and tiramisu. Yummeh. Now I'm hanging out with the kitties and reading Hyperbole and a Half, which always makes me guffaw.

Sometimes I research random stuff for story purposes (or even just random curiosity), and every now and then I wonder what someone would think if they came across my search history. I've been known to search for things like what happens when you fall from the sky and pictures of lightning strike victims. Earlier today, I did a search on when morning sickness begins, and when I came back to my computer later, it was still up. Anyone who saw my computer (not that anyone would) might have gotten the wrong idea. But it was for a story.

Tennnnnnnnntacles! Omnomnom...

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