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I keep thinking about stuff I want to post and then don't post it. Mostly just blathering on about my weird habits and such, nothing particularly intriguing. I feel very tired, but I'm excited about NOWM tomorrow.

A couple dreams I've had in the last few days:

- I was in my back yard, only it was roughly four times bigger, and the crabapple tree and shed were in the middle of one side, rather than the corner. Also, the fence was about 8 feet high and made out of flat boards with pointy tops, all adjacent so you couldn't see through the fence. There were three round, above-ground swimming pools in the yard, about 12 feet across and 4 feet deep. These two gay guys were filling up the pools and goofing off, and I was up to my neck in water, even though I was standing in the yard (apparently it filled with water for the first part of the dream). Then Rose came along and dumped a bottle of grape soda (or pop, or whatever) into one of the pools, and I could taste it in the water. Around ten random bimbo-looking girls got into one of the pools (not the pool the gay guys were frolicking in), and I wondered if they were my sister's friends. The water was then up to my ankles in the yard, and I had an empty plastic bottle with me. Rose and JC were running around, and I was scooping water into the bottle and flicking it so that arcs of water would shoot in their directions. I kept narrowly missing Rose, but when I flicked water at JC, he suddenly transformed into a jar of pickles (that's some metaphor), and the arc hit perfectly. Nick was sitting on the edge of the pool with the girls (it was now mostly underground, with a foot above the grass), and I flicked water at him too. Then all of a sudden, Ben was there, prancing around in shorts and a cape while wielding a plastic sword, pretending to be a superhero. I started cracking up, and then two of the girls decided to go over to him while he was heading towards the shed. Then my alarm went off.

- My spaceship was landing on an unfamiliar planet, and there were about a dozen of us on board. We needed to establish a base in a building that looked like a small school. My dad went first, and he carried a toddler girl in a sling on his back (I don't know who the girl was). I went in with some others, and the aliens at first looked kind of like six foot tall green bug monsters, but then they just looked human. I think they were trying to attack us. I went into a room and pointed my cell phone at an alien guy. Apparently it was supposed to act like a magnifying glass if I stood in the sun. A patch of sunlight came in through a window, so I stood in the light and held up my cell phone, and I eventually shot the guy (but it took a while... he just sort of stood there). Then I felt sudden heat on several parts of my body and realized the aliens were attacking me with the same sort of magnifying glass cell phone gun. So I got out of the way. Then a bunch of us were walking out of the building, and an alien lady tried to push us pack in. I realized I was carrying a tranquilizer dart gun, so I shot her with it. I walked up to a tiny house and went in. There were two alien ladies inside, and one looked like my coworker. I was trying to apologize for us being all invasive and shooty and stuff, and I hoped I wouldn't have to use the tranquilizer darts on them. Then I remembered my dad was still in the building, trying to set up a base with that toddler girl, and I wondered if they had survived.

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