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well, operation toothpicks was a success, and i'm not going to hell even though i don't believe in hell. i asked the card swiper lady if i could grab a handful and she let me, so it wasn't stealing. hahaha i must be such a dork to make a big deal out of getting toothpicks. oh well.

right now i plan to have a shower, get some food, and go work on my project. i should be more concerned about the english quiz on monday, but i'm more interested in my project. maybe after my shower i'll do some reading while my hair dries.

that's it, i'm cutting off the thingy on my sewatshirt. up by the hood, there's this adjuster thingy with a band, and the band is all mangled. well, i never use the adjustor, and the mangled band gets on my nerves, so i'll just cut it off and be done with it. there, that's better.

i've been such a lazy ass this morning. it's time to be productive.

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