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In one of my dreams last night, a literary agent contacted me and said she wanted to meet with me to discuss publishing my novel, and I was really excited. So I was standing in a group of Alphans, and then the agent (a tall blond woman in her 30s or 40s) handed me a plain booklet and said it was what my book would look like when it was published. I opened it and saw a poem I had written in college, only it had been very badly edited. I continued and saw what was supposedly the first chapter of my novel, only it had been edited to the point where it was a scene about vapid high school girls and had nothing to do with the story I had actually written. I was very disappointed and even a little angry, and I felt like telling the agent off for daring to edit my work so poorly.

So, I had a busy weekend. I went to NOWM on Saturday and PrideFest and the arts festival on Sunday. They were all pretty fun, but PrideFest left the biggest impression on me. It was awesome seeing people of all genders just being themselves in the streets, and everyone was accepting and positive. There was an interesting mix of people, from little old ladies holding hands to gay boys walking around in underwear to a drag queen who had to be at least 70 to flocks of little kids. There were also tons of supporters there. I saw several booths for churches and temples (promoting their acceptance), animal rescue organizations, and social/political causes. A bunch of PFLAG parents were offering free hugs to everyone, and a lady walked by holding a sign that said "I'm proud of my gay son." You always hear stories about families and churches who scorn or even reject gay members, so it was great to see such rampant acceptance. And the drag shows were fun, of course.

I spaced out during the arts festival, though. I had been walking around in the sun for hours, I don't like cities and crowds, and there was so much sensory overload going on that my brain sort of went into autopilot mode and I just wanted to go sit somewhere quiet for a while and recharge. I met up with Nick and his cousin at one point, and Nick kept asking me if I was ok because I was really quiet and zoned out. But we sat in the shade for a while and then went to get Greek food, so I snapped out of it and felt better. I just don't do well in certain situations. But it was neat seeing all the cool stuff they had, though I didn't buy anything.

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