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Writer's Block: The table has turned

The answer is: Because it was interfering with my love life. What's the question?

Why did you cut off your husband's penis, Mrs. Bobbit?


Yes, I'm still alive. I haven't posted in a month, mostly from laziness. So here's what I've been up to:

- Pennsic was a lot of fun but way too hot. I enjoyed hanging out with almost everyone in Bork, my neighbors, and some other random people. I met a few new friends, and Andy and I finally finished my yurt. It was a lot better than sleeping in a tent, and it kept most of the rain out (I had a tarp underneath, and the edges were rolled up, and the canvas wasn't completely covering the tarp in one section, so some rain did puddle in there one night). I got some throwing axes, learned how to do naalbinding, and entertained the kids with my "drunk person" impression. I managed to avoid getting a bunch of blisters this year, but I did get sunburned again, so now I'm not so pasty any more and have interesting sandal tan lines on my feet.

- I've been playing ridiculous amounts of "Age of Mythology" again.

- Saturday night, I left my window open because it was hot, and when I woke up, I saw a big hole in the screen and wondered how long that had been there. Bouncer jumped on the window and poked her head out the hole, looking around, and I became suspicious. I heard a pathetic little mew, and I looked out the window to see Yarmulke sitting on the awning over the kitchen. She had apparently clawed the hole, squeezed through, then either jumped or fell onto the awning (maybe 5 feet below). She couldn't jump back up, and she wouldn't climb down the tree-sized bush next to the awning, even when I opened a can of her favorite cat food, so I lowered a stepladder onto the awning. She climbed onto it but still sat there mewing at me, so I got a slightly taller ladder and lowered it. After an hour-long rescue mission, she finally jumped back in. I woke up Monday morning with a very sore back, and I spent two days trying not to move because it really hurt (it felt like someone was stabbing one of my vertebrae repeatedly), but it feels a lot better now.

- I'm going to Vermont over Labor Day weekend. Yay!

- My coworker who sits at the front desk has been in and out of the hospital the last couple weeks (something about really high blood pressure, and she had a seizure at one point), so I've been covering the front desk. I hate doing it, but there are usually only 2 or 3 other people in the office, and the phone rarely rings. This one project we've been working on sent us almost nothing all summer, so there wasn't much to do, and then when I'm the only one there, they send tons of stuff and give crazy deadlines. Sometimes other people come in, but sometimes I'm on my own. Anyway, I hope my coworker gets better soon.

Yep. Life goes on.
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