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In a rare fit of productivity, I cleaned the basement today. Well... not by myself. I cleared out everything, and then my mom vacuumed and mopped the floor. I scrubbed the heck out of the cat boxes and moved them down there, so I can rip out the carpet in the green room and convert it to a library/guest room. The cats weren't allowed in the basement before, so they're a bit confused about this new arrangement. They were hesitant to go down the stairs at first, because they're used to me chasing them back up when they make a break for it. But they eventually decided that it was ok to explore, because their boxes were down there and I wasn't running after them. I don't know if Hagrid has been down there yet. He's very obedient and has never tried to dash down into the basement, so he never went past the top step when I was encouraging him to come down. But I suspect that he'll go exploring when I'm not there and find the boxes. I did leave a temporary one in the green room, in case they forget (or I forget and close the basement door). I have a kitty door to install, so I can keep the door closed, but that can wait for another day.

Sometimes (or rather, quite often), I fail to distinguish between reality and my own imagination. Sometimes I'll invent products and then become convinced that they actually exist, and then I'm confused when I can't find them at the store. When Yarmulke tore a big hole in my window screen, I figured I'd just go to Lowe's and get a stick-on patch for it. For years, I thought that there were screen patches with adhesive on one side, and I went looking for one. Apparently, they don't actually exist, and I just made them up. But you know, they should make those. I bet there are tons of people whose pets (and kids) tear holes in screens, and they'd rather just stick on a patch than replace the whole screen. I was talking to my neighbors about it, and they thought it would also be cool if there were patches in different colors and shapes, so instead of a plain, boring screen patch, you could have a yellow star or pink heart or something.

I should totally pitch my idea to a window screen manufacturer. Watch, in two months this product will actually exist, and then I can sue the "inventor" and cite this post as evidence they stole my idea.

*5 minutes later*
Ok, so maybe I wasn't making it up. They do exist, but apparently they either don't sell them at Lowe's or I wasn't looking hard enough. But still, the multicolored shapes would be fun...

I had this dream a week or two ago that sort of took place at Pennsic. I say sort of, because there were a bunch of gods there, and it was like Pennsic for the gods. I was seeing from the perspective of Annie, my story character. I was walking up a road with Athena. In my dream, she was a pretty young woman (maybe early 20s) with light brown hair tied up in a ponytail. I think she was wearing a loose white tank top and something like shorts or a skirt, with a belt in the middle. I think she might have been carrying a weapon, like a bow (though I would associate that with Artemis, not Athena). We went up to a crossroads, and she turned and said somethingorother to Annie/me, then walked away. I went to what was apparently Annie's/my camp, only it was a pirate ship. Ok, maybe it wasn't really a pirate ship, but it was a huge boat-like tent on the edge of the water. I think we were trying to rotate the canvas cover, so I untied the ropes on one corner and heaved them over the side into the water. I walked into a "room" inside the big tent, and a couple gods gathered outside. One was this big, burly man with wild dark, curly hair and a beard, and he looked like he was about to attack me. So I yelled something like, "it's against the rules to kill another god!" He said he wasn't going to kill Annie/me, but I guess he was going to injure me because I was friends with Athena, and he wanted her out of the camp for some reason. Then Andy came out of nowhere and did this amazing high kick to the guy's chest. It was supposed to be god-Andy in the dream, but I guess my brain got confused, and instead, hobbit-Andy was there. So he did this totally badass kick to the attacking god, and the dream ended. After the dream ended, I was convinced I had to incorporate it in my novel, but upon actually waking, I realized it didn't make sense.

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