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Ok, what is it with random deities popping into my dreams in the last few months? They just seem to appear in my dreams, without me even thinking about them lately, as if they're just there to say "Hey, sup?" And this time, it was titans.

In last night's dream, I was buying another house, only it was my friend's house (but didn't actually look anything like my friend's house). I don't know why I was doing it, because I don't really want to move or have two mortgages, but I remember looking around the house (which was bigger and nicer than mine) and feeling a little sad that the place would soon be a horrible mess. In the next part, I was in a different house, and I was cooking. I was apparently trying to create another sun (not in this solar system, but zillions of miles away). I was talking to either Oranos or Helios (I don't remember which, specifically, but both their names definitely came up in the dream... maybe both), and they were giving me cooking instructions. They weren't there, physically, but I was talking with them somehow, perhaps through telepathy. I was supposed to boil water and then stir it so there was a whirlpool in the center. I had a casserole dish full of tomato sauce and mushrooms. I was also supposed to add in a dead squirrel and something else, I don't remember what, but I had both ingredients with me. I got the water boiling and then added some more water, and it stopped boiling. I was getting really confused and was worried that I was doing it wrong, I think I was boiling water in a rectangular glass baking dish, which was a very bad idea. Andy was there and suggested using a big glass bowl, which was apparently safe for up to 500 degrees. I was convinced I was going to screw up the whole recipe, and launching another sun into the universe would fail miserably, and then I'd have to start all over and find another dead squirrel. Sigh.

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