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I put together a playlist of songs I associate with my novel, so I figured I'd share it, along with any associations.

Characters referenced:
Annie - a pre-Christian minor British goddess specializing in bad weather, she's half fairy, very childish, and mildly insane
Andhi-Loakua (AKA Andy) - a former Pacific volcano deity who exiled himself for thousands of years after an eruption killed his twin sister and most of his people
Maggie Cunningham - a nerdy mortal girl (age 17-20 in this novel) who gains a few elemental powers after Annie saves her life
Leo - Maggie's college friend (age 19-20), they have a rather ambiguous friendship

Garbage - Only Happy When it Rains (Annie)
Dar Williams - It's Alright (Annie)
Jimmy Buffett - Volcano (Andy's past)
Tori Amos - Bouncing Off Clouds (how Annie feels about Andy)
Eric Himan - No Urgency (how Andy feels about Annie)
Michelle Branch - All You Wanted (Annie and Maggie's friendship)
Madonna - Like a Prayer (all the friendships, in a way)
The Bangles - If She Knew What She Wants (Annie and Andy)
Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain (Maggie and Leo)
Evanescence - Bring Me to Life (Andy and Maggie before they meet Annie)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - I'm Going Home (Andy's choice)
Tori Amos - Dragon (the volcano scene - sadly, there is no actual dragon, it's just a metaphor)
High School Musical - Breaking Free (after facing the Council of the Gods)
ABBA - When All is Said and Done (the fairy feast)

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