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11/9: 6 pages, which is reasonable progress.

11/10: I really wanted to work on it but got tired early and fell asleep instead.

I'm hoping to do some editing tonight, after I eat something and take out the trash/recycle (which I WILL remember to do this week!).

So, I had a dizzy spell today. I hadn't had one in a while, but I was an idiot and triggered one even though I knew better. The thing is, I can't stand medical stuff. Surgery, needles, organs, etc. Blech. I'm perfectly fine with watching someone get disemboweled in a zombie movie, but I feel faint at the mere thought of someone getting a needle jabbed into their arm. It's even to the point where I have to avert my eyes at the vet's office, because I. Can't. Stand. Medical. Stuff. Yeah, people harass me because I haven't gone to a doctor in well over 5 years, but I'm still alive and in reasonable health, and I do at least visit the dentist (if they have to jab me with a needle, I'm lying down and can close my eyes and pretend I'm just accidentally stabbing myself with a fork). Anyway. I was bored on the internet, and that occasionally leads to mistakes ("so what's this '2 girls 1 cup' thing anywaaaaaaaOHGODNOMYEYESSOWRONGGGGGGG!").

I was reading a description of what happens during childbirth. Yes, go ahead and laugh, but I was curious. I knew it was a bad idea, and when my head started buzzing, I immediately stopped and tried to avert the impending attack by distracting myself with some Facebook game, but it was too late. When I get these attacks (which are purely psychosomatic and are only triggered if I see or hear things about certain medical stuff), they start with a buzzing in my head, which eventually turns into a jackhammering sensation. My vision blurs. Everything else sounds far away and muffled, which is really weird if someone happens to be standing in front of me and talking to me at the time, and my ears ring. I think I get hot flashes too, because my body temperature soars, and I break out into a cold sweat. These attacks tend to last for a minute or two, and then they fade away (though today I had some lingering ringing in my ears). I usually try to distract myself to get my mind off whatever triggered it and just sort of wait for it to go away. This one lasted a couple minutes, and then I got up to get a drink. I looked at my face in the mirror, and I looked half-dead. My face was paler than usual and had a sickly yellowish tinge to it. It was really freaky.

But I'm better now. I learned my lesson. And I'm very, very glad I'm not pregnant.

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