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11/20 - 11/27: I was generally too busy to accomplish much on the novel front, but one of those days (I forget which, but it doesn't matter), I came up with a Plan. It would have been brilliant if fate hadn't interfered, but I didn't mind. I decided that I needed to get out of the house in order to do some editing. I went to a pizza buffet place for dinner, intending to have a leisurely dinner while red penning the crap out of my draft, free from the gravitational pull of my computer. But as I drove into the parking lot, I spotted my neighbors' van and knew I'd get distracted. I spent half the time hanging out with the neighbors and chatting with the kids (who are fun), but I did get 9 pages done after they left.

10/28: 24 pages! Woohoo! Of course, these were minor edits because the chapters have been edited a bunch of times already, but it's still significant progress.

There are about 20 pages left to edit before I incorporate the edits into the electronic document. I can do this. I WILL do it, even though the cats say petting them is more important.

I also had a dream the other night involving my characters. It took place on Andhi-Loakua's island (somewhere in the Pacific), but in the dream it was basically a volcano surrounded by a beach, rather than a mid-sized volcanic island with lush jungles and such. I think I was looking into the past, and Andhikryn (Andhi-Loakua's long-dead twin sister) was talking about how she manipulated the shape of the volcano so it would pour a river of lava onto the city below and destroy it (in the book, the city was buried by rocks and ash). Then I knelt on the beach looking for shells, but I couldn't find any. I scooped up handfuls of the wet, black sand and tossed them behind me. I was digging for something in the wet sand at the base of the now-dormant volcano, looking for something, but I wasn't sure if I'd find anything other than a lot of sand.

My sister turned 21 yesterday, so now she's old enough to drink. Hah, like she isn't already a budding alcoholic. At least she'll probably stop trying to bribe me to buy her alcohol, now that she can get it herself.

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