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Time for another "year in retrospect" post. 2010 was actually a pretty good year for me, all things considered.

In the middle of January, I adopted a very sweet, very shy, and very floofy Maine Coon kitten. I named him Hagrid, and the name suits him very well. He gets along well with the other cats, and he's very smart and well-behaved. He's the biggest cat in the house, and he's still growing. He does tend to hide in the closet whenever there are other people at the house.

The summer was pretty good too. Confluence and Pennsic were fun, and I put a trampoline in my back yard. I finally finished the first draft of my novel, after ~6 years of writing. I'm currently about halfway done with the second draft. I was actually somewhat social this year, and I continued to join more local groups. I made a bunch of new friends, got out more than usual, and surprised myself. I'm still a hermit cat lady, but at least I'm not isolating myself any more.

Goals I made last year and whether or not I kept them:

1. Repeat most of 2009's goals.
1a. Work on my damned novel already.

The first draft is done! The second draft will hopefully be finished soon! Yeah! Progress!

1b. Be slightly less vegetable-ish. As in, "get some exercise, you lazy fatty!"
Well, I did get a trampoline, so I got a little more exercise, but I'm still a slug.

1c. Be less of a slob.
Er, about the same. Though I did clear out the basement and put the cat boxes down there.

1d. Go outside once in a while.
Again, about the same.

1e. Cook stuff once in a while, even if it's just for me.
I made spaghetti squash on Halloween, but that was about it.

2. Be more active in the SCA, especially on a local level. I decided I need to decide on a name by Pennsic and make some new garb. I'm going to accomplish this, dammit! (Janet!)
Yes! I have accomplished this! I've been to a bunch of events, I made a tunic and a cloak, and I chose my name at Pennsic (Emma Armitt). And I finally have a yurt now!

3. Bake more often. Baking is awesome. Yes, that sort of goes with #1e, but #1e is about making dinner once in a while, and this is about making more pies and cookies, because pies and cookies are delicious.
I think I may have baked a couple more pies than usual, but that was about it.

I've noticed that I tend to break the same goals over and over. Maybe if I'm more specific about them, I'll accomplish something. So, here are my updated goals for 2011. Come back next year to see if I've actually kept them this time.

1. Finish the second draft, send it to my friends who have volunteered to critique it, and incorporate their comments into the third draft. By the end of the year, I want a solid manuscript that I can present to literary agents in the hopes that one will love it and help me sell it.

2. Walk around the neighborhood at least once a week. It's not much, but it's something. (Walking three houses away for gaming doesn't count.) Jump on the trampoline for at least 10 minutes at least once a week when it isn't wet or snowy out.

3. Keep the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms looking semi-decent. A little clutter is acceptable, but squalor isn't. Finish ripping out all the carpet. Clean the cat boxes more often. It's ok if I can't see the floor of my room, but the main areas of the house should at least be reasonable in case the doorbell rings.

4. Have one meal a week that doesn't come from the freezer, a restaurant, or a box. Even if it's just spaghetti.

5. Do laundry at least once a week, and actually put the clothes away instead of leaving them in the baskets.

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