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well, my art project is close to finished... just need to make the foil dragons, glue parts of the sculpey ones together, finish landscaping, and assemble the dragons! i made and baked the sculpey dragons today, but the two adults fell over in the oven. one's tail got a little weird (that's ok) and one has a bent foot and a head that looks like she's glancing over one shoulder. her tail also fell off. i can work around the booboos, i guess. i'm going to pull this project off, dammit!

now i just have books 9 and 10 to read for the quiz tomorrow. i WILL read them before i go to bed, and i set my alarm so i'll have time to study tomorrow morning. on tuesday the panic will be temporarily soothed after the quiz and project are out of the way. then i can concentrate on panicking and procrastinating with my other papers and finals! hurrah!

okokok, i promise to stop updating every single day with what i did academically, since nobody cares but me (though my art projects are really nifty and i love talking about them). i'll also try to post more humorous stuff, since making people laugh is gooooood.

just so you know, there may be some TMI involved. thank you, firelove, for helping waste my time :P

1. Do you start the water before or after you get in? at home, before. here, after, since there are just the stalls with curtains so i have to undress in the shower to avoid blinding people. it's very annoying though, since i have to turn the shower head away from me before i start it, and the water takes FOREVER to get to a semi-decent temp...

2. Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottles? if i'm bored enough

3. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? not that i know of, and i don't plan to until i'm in a healthy, loving relationship and am comfortable with it, but only if there's a drought going on. shower time is personal, and it's my thinking time. my muse likes to hang out in the showers and attack me when i don't have paper and a pencil around.

4. Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? no way, my sis is 6 1/2 years younger than me, and by the time she was born i was old enough to shower unsupervised, so we never had to get near each other naked... *shudders*

5. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? no, i think that's kinda gross. there's enough weird stuff on shower floors already.

6. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? occasionally

7. How old do you look while wet and when a towel is the only thing on your body? uhhhh... this is a random question... i don't know. like a pudgy, curvy 12-year-old, i guess...

8. What's the last song you sang in the shower? i don't sing in the shower. sometimes i hum softly. the last thing i hummed was most likely a tori or hedwig song, considering those get stuck in my head the most

9. What kind of soap do you use? ummm... whatever soap is available. right now i think it's caress, since my mom got it for me

10. What color is your shower? the one at home is white, and i think the one here is beige-ish or green. i don't know...

11. What colour is your towel? mine are green, and i have a purple striped one that cj gave me

12. Do you shave in the shower? well, i don't shave my legs, and i only do my armpits every couple of weeks, but on the rare occasion when i shave, it's in the shower

13. Does your shower have a seat in it? no, and if it did, it would probably be covered in my sister's 50 million bath products.

14. Have you ever been walked in on while you were showering? well, nobody ever SEES me when they use the bathroom here. once in 5th grade my dad was taping sounds for me (we needed a tape of sounds for a school project) and i was using his bathroom. so he walks in, and the following conversation has been recorded for posterity:
dad: adrienne, what are you doing?
ade: showering!
dad: oh, i see. i'm taping this.
dad: *laughs* no, no, i'm just taping the sound!

15. Do you have the anti-slip sticky pads on the floor of your shower? nah. everyone here wears shower shoes anyway

16. Do you wear a robe around the house after your shower? well, i wear one around my room here before i get dressed.

17. Do you get dressed in the bathroom after your shower? well, i put on my undies and robe before exiting...

and that's that. back to reading!


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