Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

hehehe alexia is funny.

spotulucka: I wish I was up there to be more of a friend to you guys to you and her and jason
blupyglet: we wish you were here too, it's not a party without you
spotulucka: haha funny
spotulucka: You just want to flirt with me with stuffed mario bombs
blupyglet: lol, no that was plastic
spotulucka: or watch me wear the pumpkin outift
spotulucka: haha
blupyglet: we put makeup on it
blupyglet: yeah, and the apron!
spotulucka: haha
blupyglet: and that really ugly dress!
spotulucka: Boy you enjoyed seeing me in the pumpkin I could tell
blupyglet: it was quite humorous
spotulucka: what's your zip code I want to look up some chicks on the personal ad for you
blupyglet: and then when i wore the ugly dress you said "gee, it's nice to see that you have boobs"
blupyglet: 16335
spotulucka: haha
spotulucka: well honey you have breasts
spotulucka: about what a C right
blupyglet: i dunno
spotulucka: do you want me to look up women for you or both
blupyglet: they're weird
spotulucka: men and women
blupyglet: both
spotulucka: haha shh stop making fun of your boobs

boobies boobies BOOBIES!!!!!!!

*ahem* sorry, 'tis late at night, and i should really get off the computer...

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