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i love pictures!

i just realized that i'm wearing a t-shirt that says "witch" and my halloween socks (with witches and ghosts) at the same time. i didn't plan that at all. that's kind of odd...

here's my newest roll of film! yay! if you ever wanted to see the things i yammer about in my journal (halloween, art projects, etc.), here they are!

homecoming, when nick and i dressed up and shocked people

nick and nun

doesn't he look good in a skirt?


halloween and rocky horror at the AGP (allegheny gay pride) house

chris being... scary... (good thing nobody took a picture of us hugging at the end of the night or my dad would have REALLY freaked out...)

jamie and jessica dancing to "i touch myself"

a nun dancing with the devil...

ooooh, morgan has chain mail...


bitch the mannequin in my room, wearing the delirium shirt!

part of my weird ceiling

the doll project

it's annie the goddess of bad weather!

the giant pink styrofoam bunny! run for your lives!

hedwig has an angry inch, and she's not afraid to use it!

an androgynous... person... with a golden curly mullet (came out kinda fuzzy)

neanderthals rock

the whole family of them, plus the box/stage i made for them to play in (also came out kinda fuzzy, but my mom has better pictures)

the mannequin/jelly bean installation

mmm, yummy rain...

up close and personal

another angle


yet another angle

thanksgiving 2002: florida

florida from the hotel balcony (looks like a postcard)

my dad and aunt cathie

dad and me!


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