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phew, no more classes this semester! tomorrow we're finishing art crits, but that doesn't count as a class. since the dragons are all done, 1/4 of my finals are out of the way. i have 3 papers (2 for 1 class) and one exam left, but i have several free days to work on them, which is good. i need all the time i need, since i procrastinate too much. but then, i guess most people are like that. they use the study days to party or catch up on video gaming, then they write papers and cram the night before finals. i'm just going to catch up on all the reading tonight and tomorrow, then TRY and begin working on my film final since we have 2 papers and they're due monday.

i'm also moving next semester down to the ground floor of walker (anita's old room, hehehe) so i have to get signatures from RAs and ted the AC and then pack up all my stuff.... i'm supposed to come back to school on the 11th or 12th so i can move, but i want to have all my stuff packed up before i leave for break. *whimper* i might have to bring my mannequin home since my new room is a lot smaller (half the furniture but half the space). but that's ok. she'll be happy in my room, and my sister and her friends will give her enough attention (i'll probably come home in may to find her dressed in a wetsuit and moccasins or something). i hope my dad doesn't bust his back carrying everything down 4 flights of stairs. but at least i won't hurt myself every time i do laundry. wooooo, i'm all excited now. maybe people will actually come visit me because they won't be intimidated by all those stairs and the sorority floor and the ghost and everything. or i could just be alone all the time because i'm the one who never visits anyone :P

i had an idea for a story today, and i'll probably end up writing it tonight instead of reading. bah. speaking of stories, THANK YOU spammykins for telling me not to read yours. without the warning, i probably would have read it and then felt sick afterwards. as much as i love your... um... *nsync porn... there are certain sexual acts that i find totally repulsive, especially anything involving the *cough*ANUS*cough* hehe that's a funny word. but the word "anal" cracks laura up, so it can't be that bad.

yesterday in fencing there were a lot of new guys. and prof. nonnenmacher brought a digital camera to take pics for the site (i feel guilty because i said i'd work on it and i haven't). i completely embarrassed myself though. he told me to lunge for a picture, and i was distracted so i got in this weird position somewhere between an en garde and a lunge, and he gave me a funny look and said "is that a LUNGE?" so i snapped out of it and lunged while feeling like an idiot. later, he took a picture of me stabbing this other professor (i forget his name...), since he's currently the tallest fencer. apparently there's this new tradition of the shortest fencer stabbing the tallest (last year there was an article on the fencing club in the school paper, complete with a picture of me stabbing prof. nonnenmacher - it's on my web site somewhere). i kept giggling while he was taking the picture. there's at least a 17 or 18 inch difference between us, which makes it really weird to fence against him. there need to be more short people in fencing. short, slow people! some of the shorter guys are incredibly fast, and they whip me before i know what's going on. we also need more females. oh, and yesterday one of the new guys made the mistake of not wearing a cup. now prof. lyons tells all the new guys that they NEED cups, but that guy didn't have one, and while he was drilling with another guy, he got poked down there. he wasn't hurt too badly, but it wasn't a pleasant experience, and i think he learned his lesson. oh well, i'm glad i'm female. if we get poked in the crotch it doesn't hurt that much. the chest is another matter, and some females wear chest protectors, but frankly getting poked there doesn't hurt much more than other areas. of course, the chest is a main target area, and i frequently get bruises on the right side, but it's not a big deal. i guess my chest isn't as sensitive as other women's. but at least i don't have to wear a cup. i don't have a penis, but i can still imagine how much it would hurt to get whacked there.

anyway, enough about penises. i'm hungry. maybe i'll eat up some of the fruit lying around my room. i'm trying to eat as much of my food as i can before break, and i should start with the fruit, gatorade, and juice boxes. i also need to sort out all my art supplies so i can take most of them home. i still want my colored pencils and a sketchbook and some pastels and other stuff, but i don't need my paints, charcoal, etc. i have lots of cardboard boxes, so i can pack a lot.

i just realized that this entry has turned into a long, boring rambling, so i'll end it with something fun.

when is a snot not a snot?

when it'snot!

hehehe i think one of my uncles taught me that. i just think it's funny because it uses the word "snot" and i have a 3rd grade sense of humor. my dad still yells at me for using "bathroom talk."

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