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i'm such a lazy little piggy. i spent most of the day so far sitting in my room, playing computer games (i DID do a little writing, but not on any of the papers due next week), and munching on peanuts, chocolate, pomegranate seeds, and gatorade. i did the same thing last night, and when i got dressed this morning, my pants were pretty snug. actually, i didn't really get dressed, i just changed into jeans, pulled a sweatshirt on, and put on some shoes. that's what i've been wearing all day. i feel like... a college student. and i wish i didn't.

WHY can i never accomplish anything if i'm not under extreme pressure? oh well - at least i did the dishes, got ted to sign the room change form, and did some other things yesterday. but tonight i WILL write one of the papers, since i came up with a PLAN (tm) of what i'm going to accomplish every night. tonight i must do one paper, preferrably for film class since those two are due monday. there's a 5-7 page one and a 2-3 page one. maybe i'll do the 2-3 page one since it's easier and doesn't require as much citation as the other.

urgh. i'm not even going to be hungry for dinner tonight if i just keep snacking. i also need to start gathering all my stuff together. if i'm going to move soon, packing is a good idea. there's a lot of stuff i'm going to bring home and leave there, but there's also a ton of stuff that my dad and i will need to drag all the way down to the ground floor. phew! oh well. i'll worry about packing later.

my printer isn't functioning. it won't turn on. the plugs all seem to be connected, but i'll have to turn off the machine and play around with them. i NEED the printer to WORK!!!!!! this better not be like last semester when my printer malfunctioned right when i needed to print out my final. i had to dash over to one of the computer labs and print it there before bringing it over to the teacher's office. phew. my printer is a bastard, and i hate it. it usually prints out good quality stuff, but it takes forever, it's the noisiest thing ever, and the printing head always needs to be cleaned, so it runs out of ink a lot. and NOW it won't work when i have 3 papers to do! rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! *pounds fist on desk* and if it doesn't work by the end of the semester, my dad will find out and blame it on ME, even though i didn't do anything wrong! one day it was fine, the next it stopped! pttttthhhhhhh!!!!!

*reassures self* it will all be over soon enough... andi can go home... and eat food that agrees with my stomach and play with the neighborhood kids and not have to do any homework for almost a month...

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