Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

i promised myself i'd accomplish something tonight. of course this meant something would come along and thwart my plans, but at least it made me happy. i was going to dinner before sitting down to work on one of the papers, and i ran into anita and anne. they said they were going to see harry potter (the argo crew already went to see it, but anita hadn't seen it yet) and asked if i wanted to come along. knowing that i have FINALS to work on didn't stop my HP fanaticism, and i went and got my wallet and warm clothing. evil thom joined us, and we walked to burger king before going to the cinema. anita and anne were singing almost the whole way down. going to burger king reminded me that i'm glad i don't have children. i hid a chicken sandwich in my coat (i'm such a rebel...), but i forgot to eat it so i'm having it now though it's cold. on the way to the cinema, we ran into heidi and rachel, and coincidentally they were going to see HP too. so the 6 of us saw it, and it was wonderful again. if you want to read my comments on the movie, go back a few weeks ago in my journal. but the way back was painful. i don't know how far we had to walk uphill on ice in the rain, but my legs were killing me by the time we got back to brooks, and i had to sit down for a few minutes. but that was a good time.

of course i was planning to start working on my paper when i got back, and then 3 people decided to IM me in the span of 2 minutes. but that's ok, they're some of my favorite people to talk to.

and spammy dear, sorry i made you cry even if it was in a yay-people-care-about-me-even-though-i-hate-myself way. you're so emotional :) maybe i should be a therapist. i try to make people feel better, anyway. i'd give you some ice cream, but i don't have any right now, and even if i managed to sneak down to brooks and steal a brand new vat of cookies'n'creme (a friend attempted that this morning, but he was disappointed that it wasn't cookies'n'cream), i would have a hard time transporting it to you without a vehicle. next time we hang out, remind me and i'll buy you some ice cream.

bah. work.

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