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i was at the writer's house for nearly 7 hours tonight. they had their annual xmas party, so i went, and there was decent food and good conversation (two things i live on). nick kept standing under the mistletoe, hoping someone would kiss him. he did get a couple pecks on the cheek, but not much. then he went around dangling mistletoe above everyone. he sat by me and had it over my head for a while, then emily said "nick, kiss ade!" so he gave me a light peck on the cheek. i immediately burst into a fit of giggles, because i'm like that. anyway, the party was fun, and we ended up listening to this mix cd about 4 times. i'm going to have "you sexy thing" stuck in my head for a while.

guess what i've accomplished! half a paragraph of my shorter film essay! go me! it's SOMETHING anyway! i'm going to write the rest of it tonight and do the other one tomorrow so i can print it monday morning, turn it in on time, then get studying for my psych final on tuesday.

i'm amused that the word "exlax" still cracks me up 3 years after that fateful chemistry class. i still tell people about it, and they always have to say "exlax!" and get me laughing just because it's funny that a simple word makes me laugh. i don't even know what's so funny about the word, it's just hilarious for some reason.

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