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i did laundry today! go me!
i just had dinner (CHEESE ravioli!) and today i had a midterm in my african american lit. class. i was really behind but managed to catch up, and when i was studying i tried to look the terms up online but the dumb connection was dead (curse the computing center people for randomly cutting off only our hall every so often!) so of course i panicked, but nikki was able to fill in the blanks and we studied on the way to class. i kept thinking 'remember the hitchhiker's guide - DON'T PANIC!' i brought a little figure of buddha for good luck (i rubbed his cute round belly!) and told myself 'i can do it... i can do it...'
the test was actually quite easy though i rushed through it near the end. i even got the ridiculously minor detail trivia. well, partially. i looked up the answer and it was a silver candelabra and i said gold candlestick... close enough. i oughtta get at least 1/2 credit for that. i also answered all 3 of the short answer questions (we only needed 2) so i'll most likely get another 5 bonus points. i think i did very well. i hope i get at least a B.
dun dun dunnn... tomorrow is a busy day!

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