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wow. such interesting things happen so randomly. i was working on the papers due tomorrow, and there was a knock on the door. these two girls were there (one was from my floor, and i didn't know the other one), and they offered me a cookie. since i'm a cookie fiend i accepted happily, and they asked if they could pray for me. that caught me a little off-guard, but i said yes. at this point i think i need all the prayers i can get get to pull me through the next 4 days. i don't care what people's religions are, they can pray for me as much as they want (provided they aren't praying for negative things to happen to me or that i convert to their religion, of course). but i got a cookie! it was a yummy cookie too! and one of the girls noticed the print of "the mermaid" on my wall and said she's a waterhouse fan too. ah, waterhouse... his paintings are so incredibly beautiful that i could just stare at them for hours... and i DID see the original "the mermaid" in an american gallery before! i think it was in florida a couple years ago, part of a collection on loan or something. but i was in awe, since he's my favorite artists, and "the mermaid" is my 2nd favorite waterhouse painting (after "the lady of shalott"). wow, i went from cookies to waterhouse. i get distracted so easily.

anyway, people seem to think it's odd that i want to move from my room to a smaller one. yes, right now i do have a fairly large room all to myself, but i'd rather have the smaller single downstairs. why? first of all, if i didn't move, i'd have to have a roommate in the spring. i really prefer to be alone most of the time, and i don't want to end up paired with someone who's the complete opposite of me. i've had good roommates in the past (well, only 3 really, for 1 week, 6 weeks, and 1 school year), but i've heard some nasty horror stories, so i'd rather be alone then risk ending up with a total bitch for a roommate. while the single is about half the size of my room now, i'm ok with that. i don't really need all my toys and junk up here, and it will teach me to live modestly. the stairs are really a big thing. i absolutely hate climbing 3 flights of stairs a dozen times a day, and doing laundry is worse because it involves carrying heavy stuff down and up 4 flights. my leg muscles like to complain a lot, and maybe they'll shut up once i live on the ground floor. i'll be close to laundry machines, so i won't wear myself out every week. plus, i have a feeling the atmosphere will be better. i won't have to put up with sorority girls, there's a bigger bathroom, and i won't feel so paranoid that the ghost is watching me. however, i will be right next to a main street (i lived in walker last year, and the noise from the road really got on my nerves) so i'll have to put up with ambulance sirens at 2 am, screaming drunk people on the sidewalks, people who decide to smoke right outside my window, etc. but it's better than hearing the sorority chants and cheers 50 times and getting them stuck in my head. and when some airhead burns popcorn at 3 am and the fire alarm goes off, i won't have to deal with stairs when i'm in my grouchy, sleepy, drunken-like state. i'd also have a better opportunity to salvage more stuff if there actually was a fire.

i'm debating whether to take my fencing equipment home over break or leave everything here. i doubt i'd actually use anything over break (aside from boasting to the neighborhood kids and skewering snowpeople), but if i leave everything here, i'm sure someone will ask to see my stuff. hmmm...

well, i'm going to have dinner, then continue working on these papers. i WILL get them finished and turned in by noon tomorrow, even if i have to dash over to a computer lab at 11:45 am and print them out since my printer has issues!

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