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something just occurred to me. if there are so many ghosts at hogwarts, and ghosts are a natural thing in the wizarding world, what about the ghosts of lily and james potter? whatever happened to them? they appeared for a little while in book 4, but why aren't they present more when there are other ghosts around? just curious. i know their absence is one of harry's inner problems, so if they were hanging around all the time the conflict wouldn't be as great. also, in book 4, james potter appears before lily, even though he died before her. that order didn't make sense. lily should have appeared after whoever died after her, then said "your father is coming soon, he wants to see you." that order didn't make sense. but then, i haven't read the book in 2 1/2 years.

why am i thinking about harry potter when i have 2 papers due tomorrow? eep! well, i finished the shorter one, and i have a basic idea of what i'm doing for the longer one, anyway. i just finished my pomegranate, and now i'm compulsively reaching for the peanuts. oy, by the time i turn in my last final, i won't be able to fit into my pants, and i'll have to wear something with an elastic waistband. but that's ok. i'm sure i'll burn off whatever weight i gain by SLEDDING and getting into snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. plus, my mom cooks healthy stuff, so i'll make up for all the snacking i've been doing this week. well, pomegranates are healthy, peanuts are healthy in moderation, chocolate is supposedly an aphrodisiac... wait a minute, that's not what i want right now! oh well. *reaches for chocolate and shamelessly enjoys it* well, the more of my food i eat now, the less i'll have to take home with me.

i got my printer working! i just shut it down and did some unplugging and replugging, and everything was hunky-dory once again.

01. Fallen for your best friend?: nope. we have a 100% platonic friendship, and we like it that way.
02. Made out with JUST a friend?: i'm a makeout virgin.
03. Been rejected?: well, in 4th grade and 8th grade i told two guys i liked them... they were nice about it, but i know they didn't like me that way, so we just left it at friendship. i wouldn't call it rejection, but i sulked for a while.
04. Been in love?: not really.
05. Been in lust?: yeah, but i don't do anything about it when that happens. i just think, "hmm, i'd like to ________ with that person. oh well. yay."
06. Used someone?: yeah, i'm still financially dependant on my parents, and i feel bad about it, even though they really urged me to go to college and volunteered to pay for everythingd
07. Been used?: occasionally
08. Cheated on someone?: no, and i wouldn't do it in a monogamous relationship (fantasies don't count, and if i was ever in an open relationship i'd get the permission of my s.o. before doing anything with the other person)
09. Been cheated on?: nah
10. Been kissed?: occasionally i'll get a platonic kiss by a friend or relative, but just a light one on the cheek or forehead or back of the hand (ooooooh, chivalry is SEXY!)
11. Done something you regret?: i regret half the things i did in my life, yet they molded me into the delightfully strange specimen i am now.

Who was the last person...
12. You touched?: hmmm... probably someone at the party last night. i remember poking emily in the rib cage when she was hiding under her cloak...
13. You talked to? robertson at dinner, but we don't know each other very well so it was just polite conversation with lots of silence in between
14. You hugged?: well, at the last argo meeting, several people were ganging up on evil thom in a big group hug, so i joined in...
15. You instant messaged?: i don't know, probably alexia since she IMs me whenever she's on. i didn't turn AIM on today, since i don't want to be distracted (HA, i'm distracted now!)
16. You kissed?: i kissed the back of my hand when i was standing under the mistletoe last night... other than that i have no idea.
17. You had sex with?: ummmm... nobody...
18. You yelled at?: i don't know, probably my sister
19. You laughed with?: nick and ben at brunch this afternoon
20. You had a crush on?: *glances around the page suspiciously* um... ben...
21. Who broke your heart?: i break my own heart by developing damn crushes then never doing anything about them. i'm content to remain friends with most of them (especially the ones who end up taken), but crushes are a big annoyance. i wish they came with an "off" switch.

Have you/do you/do you have...
22. Color your hair?: well, i used to occasionally experiment with easter egg dye on strands, but that was it
23. Have tattoos?: nope, unless you count my glorious scars
24. Piercings?: i used to have my ears pierced when i was 8, and after my appendectomy i told people the staples in my belly were "belly piercings"
25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: nope. care to find me one?
26. Floss daily?: i really should, but i don't. i floss every few days or when i feel i need to.
27. Own a webcam?: nope
28. Ever get off the damn computer?: when i eat and sleep :P
29. Sprechen sie deutsche?: gesundheit!
30. Habla espanol?: te gustas agua? SI!
40. Considered a life of crime?: *stuffs bazooka into backpack and grins innocently* no, why do you ask?
41. Considered being a hooker?: um, no. my body is a temple. a temple of DOOM, and anyone who enters without an invitation will have their eyes gouged out and their gonads'n'strife removed by not only me but several of my overprotective friends (the rule of 3 is nothing compared to the rule of friends...)
42. Considered being a pimp?: HA! now that's a funny picture, me pimpin' it with a beeper and dem hoes and studs... *laughs hysterically*
43. Are you psycho?: as my shirt says, "you say psycho like it's a bad thing"
44. Split personalities?: well, ade says yes, but annie isn't so sure about it, and agent froot just wants to wave her sword around at people...
45. Schizophrenic?: i asked the voices, but they weren't sure.
46. Obsessive?: people get scared when they see how much paraphernalia of certain things i have.
47. Obsessive compulsive?: sometimes. i have to step over cracks certain ways, put my right shoe on first, check my email every 2 minutes, eat corn on the cob a certain way that takes an hour to accomplish, etc.
48. Panic?: *pulls out hitchhiker's guide* see here? it says "DON'T PANIC." but do i panic? we mustn't panic, we musn't panic... BWOK! BWOK! BWOK! *runs around flapping and squawking*
49. Anxiety?: right now is peak time for anxiety, with FINALS, but i usually don't suffer from anxiety unless i have a busy schedule
50. Depressed?: i go through bouts with depression occasionally. some periods last longer than others, and they have varying degrees of severity. right now i'm not depressed, i'm just suffering from situational anxiety.
51. Suicidal?: not seriously. last summer and during the first semester at allegheny i was contemplating it, but i never told anyone til a year later. i wasn't actually planning on it, i just had these terrible recurring thoughts of it, and i hated my life during that time. but thankfully, i'm over it.
53. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?: no. those things disturb me greatly, but fortunately they don't appear in my nightmares. i dream of death occasionally, but it's usually not really a bad thing in my dreams, just something that happened.
54. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?: i don't dream of that. sometimes when i'm awake i'll get these terrible mental pictures that won't go away (especially if i've just seen a particularly disturbing movie), but i'm usually able to distract myself before i get too distressed.
55. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?: a temple of ganesha in india... i want to eventually go to one.

56. What would you be doing?: well, i'd like to be sleeping, but i'm not.
58. What are you listening to?: the computer humming and my fingers typing
59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? what kind of question is this? everyone can! but i suppose it's really asking if i have any physical quirky talents. well... i can make some interesting facial expressions...
60. Chicken or fish?: MRS. TWEEDY! THE CHICKENS ARE REVOLTING!!!!!! *finally* something we agree on!
61. Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be?: i like black cats and chimpanzees!
62. Is hot kinky sex the best thing in the world?: well, i wouldn't know because i haven't tried, but i doubt it is. from my experiences, sitting in a hot tub having a good conversation with close friends is the best thing in the world (provided you haven't overeaten first... that makes you feel kinda funny).

Current Clothes: jeans, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, socks, shoes, *undergarments*, and my pentacle necklace, as usual.
Current Mood: feeling guilty because i should be working on my paper
Current Music: nothing...
Current Taste: nothing at the moment, but i was eating peanuts, pomegranate seeds, chocolate, and gatorade earlier
Current Hair: messy and down, as usual
Current Annoyance: procrastination and what it does to me
Current Smell: nothing
Current thing I ought to be doing: writing my film final, then sleeping
Current Desktop Picture: a couple days ago i changed it to this one from the ren fest this year when laura was taking a picture of the trees and megan stuck her head in the picture and made a silly face. it cracks me up.
Current Favorite Group: hedwig and the angry inch!
Current Book: i'm not reading anything at the moment, though there are a few books i'm in the middle of, and i have 2 "realms of fantasy" mags to catch up on
Current DVD In Player: hedwig and the angry inch, since i was watching the "origin of love" scene before i started writing a story based off of the myth and the song
Current Color Of Toenails: ummm... toenail colored... fleshy peachy ade skin color...
Current Refreshment: i finished my gatorade. no more gator for ade.
Current Worry: that by the time i finish this survey i'll be too tired to work on my paper, and i'll end up waking up at 5 tomorrow morning to finish it
Current Crush: i answered this already. *thbbbbb*
Current Favorite Celebrity: tori amos

Food: strawberry ice cream
Drink: apple juice
Color: rainbow
Shoes: my powerpuff girls shoes with the rainbow laces
Candy: pez
Animal: my kitty!!!!!
TV Show: i don't watch tv... but i guess full house, since i'm a dork like that
Movie: i'll give you 3 guesses :)
Dance: the funky chicken and this weird swing/mosh dance my sis and i made up
Vegetables: broccoli
Fruit: pomegranate

Are you...
Understanding: i try to be
Open-minded: for the most part. i do hold some prejudices (against televangelists, fundies, and JWs, but it's just what they do that bothers me, not the people themselves), but i'm *trying* to let go of them
Arrogant: nooooo, i don't possess the ability to be naturally arrogant. those people greatly irritate me.
Insecure: yeah... i feel like a disappointment sometimes, and i feel like a failure in many areas.
Interesting: i sure hope so. if anyone ever told me i was a boring person, i'd lock myself in my room and cry for a week. i strive to be interesting!
Hungry: i'm always hungry for some reason, no matter how much i eat. my grandma is the same way.
Friendly: i think i come off as being too shy and softspoken, but i'm not unfriendly. once i warm up to people i can be really friendly.
Smart: apparently i have a really high IQ (internet tests say around 135, but a psychologist tested me when i was younger and said it was something like 144), but the smarter i get, the stupider i feel. the more i know, the more i realize i don't know.
Moody: i change moods all the time, but i usually don't express them. i usually show my "neutral" side unless i'm feeling some extreme emotion.
Childish: i can act extremely childish sometimes, but i can also be so incredibly mature it's scary. it depends on who i'm around, how i'm feeling, and what's appropriate. i still feel really ashamed of my behavior at a certain event a few months ago though, and that will teach me not to be silly and immature in a specific situation...
Independent: my parents and grandparents are supporting me financially, so no. however, i'm emotionally independant, which is good...
Hard working: when i want to be. i can push myself to write 20 pages of fiction in a day *cough*ALPHA*cough*, but there are also days when i do nothing but play computer games when i have work to do *cough*FRIDAY*cough*
Organized: my room is always extremely messy, and i feel odd if it isn't. however, my cd cases at home are all in alphabetical order, thankyouverymuch!
Healthy: well, i feel fine i guess. i eat *decently* and get a *decent* amount of exercise, and i don't currently have a cold or any disease that i know of...
Emotionally stable: oh yes! tomorrow morning i might be a little homicidal if i haven't finished my paper and someone distracts me, but i'm fiiiiiiine!
Shy: i'm so incredibly sociophobic when it comes to "real" people. i'm more social now than i was last year, but i still have shyness issues. however, i'm more expressive on the internet, and i can even be *gasp* outgoing sometimes!
Difficult: i can be stubborn. if i really don't want to do something, i'll dig in my heels and won't give in even if someone offers me a cookie.
Attractive: well, not in the modern cosmo magazine cover sense. i'm definitely the opposite of america's warped idea of beauty, but i'm not ugly. sometimes people tell me i'm pretty, but some people also tell me i'm ugly. i get that "ohhhhh, you're so LITTLE and CUUUUUUTE!" business a lot. i don't know though. sometimes i look in the mirror and think i'm a goddess, but sometimes i think i look like a hag. it depends on my mood and level of hygiene. right now i look kinda dumpy, and my hair is greasy and messy, but it's finals week, what do you expect?
Bored easily: yeah, but i'm also amused very easily.
Responsible: mostly. i come to class on time almost every day, and i can take care of myself and small animals. however, i'm very forgetful sometimes, and i get behind on things all the time.
Sad: not right now. i'm sad that my nana is dying and some of my friends are leaving allegheny, but right now my main concerns are finals and moving, so i don't have time to be sad.
Happy: sometimes. i'll be happy once i've turned in my papers tomorrow...
Trusting: it takes me a while to trust people, but i do truly trust people once they've earned it
Ill: not at the moment
Talkative: not vocally, since i'm a listener and most of my friends are ramblers, but i can post some reeeeeeally long things in my lj...
Original: i'm as original as a puce-and-minty-green plaid octopus doing the charleston on top of big ben during a bluegrass festival. yes, i am ADE, and i'm proud of it!
Different: how many people like me do you know, huh?
Unique: redundant?
Lonely: not at the moment, but i can get really lonely sometimes.

Who do you want to...
Kill: nobody, that's MEAN!
Slap: myself for not doing my paper
Look Like: myself, but i wish my hair was longer and i didn't have a few certain features.
Be Like: ME, only less shy and lazy
Talk To Offline: my friends! i'm going home on wednesday! yeehaw!

All about you:
Name: adrienne ***** conway the first and only (HA, i'm not telling my middle name, never ever!)
Nicknames: ade, and i have a zillion others that i won't put here, including a couple dozen spinoffs of "ade"
Parents' nicknames: mom, bonnie (her real name is jane!), dad, rob (his real name is robert!), wob, mr. adrienne's dad (some kid in my 1st grade class called him that once, and i think it's hilarious)
Age: 19 1/2
Hair color: kinda golden brownish... people say it's blond, but it's NOT!
Birthday: 5/18/83
Eye Color: gray, like a storm about to strike
Siblings: katie
Righty or lefty? righty
How do you describe yourself: don't get me started, that would take forever. i'm ADE, dammit!
What's your sign? "do not enter" (ok, taurus...)
Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? are we being redundant again? are we being redundant again?

On Friends...
Best Friend(s): megan, laura, cj, spam
Friend(s) you go to for advice? i don't usually ask for advice. when i do, it depends on what i want advice on.
Friend(s) you have the most fun with? well, i really don't know. i have fun with all my friends but in different ways.
Friend(s) you've dreamt about? most of them. a few days ago i had a dream with my friend jen in it, but it wasn't a really significant or interesting dream (except for the pretty seashells)
Friend(s) your tell secrets to? depends on the secret, but mostly my close friends

On preferences...
Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? i don't care, as long as it's chocolate
McDonald's or Burger King? wendy's
Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? well, the perfect friend, but being the perfect lover wouldn't hurt ;)
Sweet or sour? sugarrrrrrr!!!!!!
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? root beer once the carbonation is gone
Sappy/action/comedy/horror? slapstick comedy rocks!
Cats or dogs? kitties!
Ocean or Pool? ocean, so i can sit in the sand and hunt for shells
Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? mmmm, cheese!
Mud or Jell-O wrestling? never tried either, but jello wrestling sounds fun! (you and me, spam! yeah, baby!)
With or without ice-cubes? no ice cubes, they annoy me
Shine or rain? rain!
Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? winter and fall
Vanilla or Chocolate? strawberry
Snowboarding or skiing? skiing
Cake or cookies? mmmm, COOKIE!
Cereal or toast? rice krispies!
Gloves or mittens? gloves. i need to move my fingers around!
Eyes open or closed? closed. mmm, sleep...
Chewing gum or hard candy? candy!
Motor boat or sailboat? i'm not a boat fan, but i'd say motor boat because i get really bored when my dad insists that we go sailing (he thinks that just because he loves it, i should love it too)
Lights on or off? off, but then i step on little things with pointy edges in my bare feet.

What's your favorite...
Number?: 87 1/2
Holiday?: halloween/samhain
Radio station?: i never listen to the radio because most stations completely suck
Place?: my room at home
Flower?: daisies
Scent?: vanilla... mmmm, yummy...

eep! paper time!

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