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well, i DID finish the film final this morning and turn it in, and i'm very proud of myself. i treated myself to ice cream at lunch because of it (i was going to wait until dinner, but anita convinced me to have it then). i'm going to catch up on reading sex and gender chapters tonight so i'll be nice and prepared for the final tomorrow, and if i'm REALLY good, i'll come up with an outline for the "paradise lost" paper due wednesday.

i did some packing. the walls look awfully naked without my wonderful posters up. i had quite a time packing all of them into this poster tube i have, and i got a papercut on the webbed area between my ring finger and pinky. oooooooowwwwww, right in one of those hard-to-reach-and-nearly-impossible-to-put-a-band-aid-on spots. aaaaaaahhhhhh, no more hedwig or mermaid or tori or pretty lady standing in a fairy circle... NOW what am i going to stare at when my computer is off? besides my mannequin. hmmm, maybe i'll take up STUDYING as an activity instead of poster-staring.

i got a present today! anita gave me this blank book with pretty pictures on the covers. i would have given her something, but i can't exactly go out shopping because i hate walking (and the bookstore carries mostly boring things and charges crazy prices for the non-used books). ah, i haven't bought anyone anything. i suppose i'll only buy stuff for some family members and my closest friends who i'm going to see over break. i have less than a dollar in cash left (all random change, not counting my laundry quarters), so i need to visit an ATM when i get a chance. i don't think i'll need to spend any money before wednesday anyway, i have enough snacks.

i have at least 4 different kinds of glue and half a dozen bottles of it in my room. my goodness. well, if anything ever breaks, i'll be prepared. i also have at least 3 different kinds of tape. i guess that's good, because i'm a real klutz and end up knocking things over all the time (keep me AWAY from glass and breakables...). i have lots of boxes, but they're all very small, so i can't put a lot in them. i have crates, but those hurt your fingers when you carry them. oh well, my dad will be carrying 75% of my stuff (he tries to assert his manliness by carrying heavy things even though i can lift more than i weigh and have carried my computer across campus and back).

ah, the forbidden zone soundtrack... i love music that warps my mind...

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