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History of the World, Part I:
1. What's yo' name, boy?
i'm a boy? i had no idea! why didn't you tell me sooner?
2 What you want?
iiiiiiii waaaaant your soooooooooooooouuuuuuullllllll!!!!!!!! iiiiiiiiiiii will eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat your sooooooouuuuuuuuulllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! come to daddy!
3. How many years have you graced us with your presence?
19.58333333333333333333333 on wednesday
4. And what year are you in school?
grade 14, otherwise known as a sophomore in college
5. Ever been held back in school?
no, only on the bus! those mean boys pulled my backpack and called me "boogar!"
6. Ever been moved ahead a grade?
no, though i wanted to just to finish school earlier
7. Would you call your hometown a big city or a small town?
it's a wicked little town, one of those snotty upper middle class white christian suburbs
8. Do you know the time of day you were born; what is it?
approximately 8:06 pm
9. Has your mother ever told you how difficult/easy your labor was?
i reeeeeaaaaally don't want to know. she never mentioned it at all, just that i was born
10. Was it difficult or easy?
i don't know. i don't want to know. i was a week late, but i came out just fine and i had more hair than any baby there so the nurses put a bow in it and used me as the demo baby for how to bathe infants
11. Do you have sisters or brothers?
katie, 13, patricia was stillborn but would be around 14 or 15, and julia/dahling isn't really my sister, but she's 11
12. Any pets?
belle, my adorable, lovable, sweet, man-fearing black witchy cat that i love to pieces, and nicky, my sister's parakeet
Who's Got The Look?
*sings* nananananananananananananananananannanananananana, she's got the look!
13. Do you consider yourself attractive?
i'm a sexy bitch. well, maybe not sexy, but i'm cute in a little girl kind of way...
14. Are you tall/average/short?
i'm a little munchkin at around 4 foot 8 1/2 last time i checked
15. If you could change one attribute of your physical looks, what would it be?
ummmm... *looks down* the uh... thingies. yeah, i'd change the jiggling jigglies.
16. Ever dyed or highlighted your hair?
just with a little easter egg dye
17. Ever dyed or highlighted your hair in a non-natural color?
sarah dyed a streak of my hair green once, and i tried to dye a strand red once but it came out PINK... grrr...
18. Ever dyed or highlighted your hair with markers, Kool-Aid, etc.?
i tried koolADE but it didn't work. sometimes i'll draw with markers on my hair, but only if i'm bored enough
19. Which finger is your favorite?
probably my right index finger... i use it the most.
20. And which of your body parts is your favorite?
my right hand, i use it the most
21. Sicko. ...
no, you're the sicko who thinks i use my right hand for sick things! well i DON'T! i use my LEFT hand for sick things! HA!!!!!!!!
22. Would you get plastic surgery?
not unless it was reconstructive (like if i broke my nose and it healed funny or something)
23. Would you if someone else paid for it?
only if the above was to happen
24. Are you happy with the way you look?
for the most part. there are a few random minor things i don't like about my appearance, but overall i'm fine.
25. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
i'm one of the only people in my entire family with perfect vision, and i am the envy of 95% of my friends :)
Now That's Good Eatin':
get your finger out of your nose and go wash your hands! that's disgusting!
26. What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?
either donkey hooves (sarah is evil) or cheese mixed with jello
27. Why did you eat it?
well, sarah gave me it and i thought it was candy. i should have figured by the look on her face that she was up to something. as for the cheese and jello, i was experimenting with food mixtures at lunch in junior high.
28. Do you eat breakfast?
75% of the time
29. Do you eat your vegetables?
if i like them, yes
30. Willingly?
31. Even Broccoli?
i love broccoli!
32. Without Melted Cheese on it?
yes, but cheese makes it better!
33. What's your favorite food?
strawberry ice cream
34. What's your favorite soft drink?
you mean carbonated beverage? probably orange slice once i've shaken all the carbonation out
35. Do you refer to soft drinks as pop?
refer to the above
36. Do you drink milk?
i really don't like milk, but i'll drink it if my parents insist and provide chocolate to mix into it
37. Did you know that in Spanish milk ads, the new popular slogan?
that was an incomplete sentence.
38. What's your favorite kind of salad dressing?
39. Do you prefer bacon bits or croutons?
40. Do you have any idea how much fat and cholesterol are in bacon bits?
i'm sure there's a lot, but you won't have a heart attack from eating them unless you make a habit of it
41. What's your favorite cereal?
42. Do you buy it for the toy at the bottom?
i don't think they put toys in
43. What is your favorite lunchmeat?
i don't really like lunch meat, but roast beef is ok if it's really lean
44. Do you pack your lunch, eat fast food, or eat some sort of cafeteria
cafeteria garbage.
45. Could you be a vegetarian?
if i wanted to, i could, but it's a hassle. plus, what would i ever do without chicken sandwiches?
46. Have you ever tried being vegetarian; For how long?
i think i did about 5 years ago, but my parents serve meat a lot so it didn't work
Morals and Ethics and Carnal Forbearance:
oh my!
47. Do you think you're capable of murder?
i'm capable, but i'd never kill anyone unless it was to save my own life (or if we were lost in the desert and i was starving and it wasn't a friend or family member...)
48. Are you for the death penalty?
no, people don't have the right to take other people's lives, no matter what!
49. Have you ever been arrested?
50. Do you always wear a seat belt?
90% of the time, i only don't if i'm not going very far
51. Have you driven over the speed limit?
sometimes, but rarely more than 5 mph over
52. Gotten caught speeding?
53. Do you touch yourself -- you know, in that no-no spot?
in the... *gasp* no-no special place? or just the no-no spot? if you just mean the no-no spot, no, i don't touch my neck. it feels funny and makes my head twitch. if you're talking about THE no-no special place, then you're a pervert and should have your mouth washed out with soap. that's none of your business! *thbbb*
54. Ever been caught?
well, i'm a slow runner so i always lost at freeze tag. once back at catholic school my friend accidentally knocked me over and i scraped my elbow. the recess lady treated me like a baby and washed the scrape for me. jeez, i think an 11-year-old can use soap all by herself...
55. Are you Catholic?
nope, and neither is my family. about half a dozen of my friends are, though. i went to catholic school for a few years, and my family is episcopalian, which is sometimes referred to as "catholic lite," but i like to call it "diet catholic" because it sounds fun
56. Do you believe in God or some sort of Greater Power?
Yup, I believe in Spirit, this almighty being that's composed of everything, then there's the Lord and Lady... ah, if you really want to know, go look up Wiccan theology
57. Do you pray?
when i feel the need to
58. Have you ever shoplifted; what did you take?
i used to steal gum and candy when i was 7... i was very naughty.
59. Did/do you cheat on homework in high school?
i don't think i did. i've been known to do my sister's homework for her though...
60. Did/do you call it "collective learning?"
ha, that's silly. nobody learns anything that way.
61. Ever black mailed someone?
i will if i find out where they sell black envelopes. if you're talking about blackmail, i'm not sure.
62. Have you ever toilet papered/egged/etc. someone's house?
don't think so
63. Was it on Devil's Night?
devil's night? if you're referring to halloween, it's NOT devil's night!
64. Whose house was it?
YOUR MOM'S!!!!!!
65. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
nononononoooooooo, icky yucky! plus, i don't want to end up with lung cancer like nana
66. Ever smoked pot?
no, and i don't like it when other people do
67. Ever done any other drugs?
midol, ibuprofin, dimetapp, titralac, morphine (after my surgery), etc.
68. Have you ever drank alcohol?
just in teeny sampling amounts, and i really don't like the taste. it's nasty.
69. Enough to be drunk?
if you put all the teeny sips of alcohol i've had in my entire life together, it would probably only make me a tad bit tipsy
70. On more than one occasion?
71. Ever drank alone?
well, i "drink" alone all the time. in fact, i was enjoying a nice glass of apple juice by myself a few hours ago.
72. Any funny "I was drunk off my butt and did this" stories?
no, but once i broke a glass by accident when i was sober and other people were drunk...
73. Ever seen a stripper?
well, at the party on saturday, nick was being silly and dancing around and took off his flannel shirt, does that count?
74. Ever gave some one a strip tease?
does taking off my sweatshirt when i'm wearing a tshirt underneath count?
75. Are you a virgin?
yes, and darn proud of it too!
It's the Media, Baby!
76. If they made a movie about you, who would play you?
probably some 10-year-old
77. If you wrote your autobiography, what would be the title?
probably something like "the midget queen strikes again"
78. What TV show or movie best describes your life?
daria, except my mom is more like jake and my dad is more like helen
79. What's your favorite movie? hedwig and the angry inch
80. Who did you see it with? the first time i saw it, it was during the lesbian and gay film festival at allegheny last year. i sat with steph and emily and a few other people, and we all loved it.
81. How much TV do you watch a week?
occasionally i'll watch whatever is on the big tv in brooks when i'm eating, so probably about 20 minutes a week
82. Do you like to read?
83. What's the best book you've ever read?
i don't know. there's this children's book called "remember the secret" that's REALLY good, and it's about these two children who are friends with angels, then one of the kids dies. it makes me bawl my eyes out every time i read it, but it's a great book.
84. TV Guide doesn't count.
i don't read that.
85. Have you ever met anyone famous?
i got my picture taken with john stamos, and i know a few well-known sci-fi/fantasy/horror authors
86. Would you like to be famous?
i just want people to read my books and enjoy them
87. Have you ever been on radio or television; When and why?
i was on tv for 3 seconds in 9th grade. that was when the junior high was on 20/20 when they were doing the story on those girls who beat up these other girls and the school didn't stop them (that's franklin for ya). they filmed people getting off the bus on the first day of school, and there's a slow-motion shot of me in my overalls, staring at the ground and walking glumly to school.
88. Do you read the newspaper?
only the comics unless something catches my attention
89. More than the comics?
90. What's your favorite comic strip?
for better or for worse, calvin and hobbes, fox trot, bizarro, and garfield
91. Do you save articles/honor rolls/announcements when you're in them?
yeah, and all my neighbors give my mom their copies too
92. Does your mother save them for you?
yep, and i probably have a bunch randomly lying around my room at home too
93. Do you listen to the radio?
no, most stations are terrible
94. Ever wanted to be a radio DJ?
95. Ever been told you have a face for radio?
96. What's your favorite song?
sweet transvestite, the origin of love, silent all these years, winter
97. What types of music do you listen to?
a variety
98. Ever listen (even occasionally) to country music?
nooooooooo, the twangy guitars and their accents and the lyrics all get on my nerves
99. Ever listen (even occasionally) to rap?
only the fun early 90s stuff like sir mix a lot and kris kross and mc hammer
100. Why?
because 99.999999999% of rap sucks, but some of the old stuff is funny or fun to bounce around to
101. Have you ever been to a live concert; who did you see?
a bunch, mostly random bands or singers nobody has ever heard of, but i have seen alanis, tori, the bouncing souls, and *cough*hanson*cough* in concert
102. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
yes, and that was an unpleasant experience. fortunately this nice girl grabbed me by the wrist before i fell over and pulled me to safety
103. What band has the funniest name?
the butthole surfers, veruca salt, rasputina, hedwig and the angry inch (nothing like naming a band after the results of a botched sex change operation, eh?), and someone told me there's a band called vas deferens
Compute This!
104. Do you have your own computer?
*pats damnyou* yes, and we have a love-hate relationship.
105. Do you brag about it to others?
i used to, before it went haywire
106. Do you go to Computer stores just to look around?
sometimes, especially if i'm with my dad
107. Ever programmed little games into one of those cool, expensive calculators?
never had one
108. Ever wished you could?
not really
109. How often do you get online?
when i'm not asleep, in class, or eating
110. Do you have friends online that you've never met in real life?
111. Do you post at any ubbs; which ones?
112. Do you have a web page; what's the addy?
113. Do you actually know html?
114. Do you use AOL?
115. Do you honestly believe that AOL is "the internet"?
no, they're just an example of consumerism and how advertising has taken over the world
116. Do you mind if I laugh at you?
go ahead. meanwhile, i'll be tying your shoes together and splashing mud on the back of your pants.
117. Do you know more than 5 ways to make a little happy face out of punctuation
and letters?
118. More than 10?
119. Ever looked up porn online?
does your mother know you ask these dirty questions? for shame! i'm not going to answer this because it's none of your business!
120. Ever downloaded illegal mp3's?
of course
121. Lie on surveys often?
i don't lie!
I'm OK, and Darn It, People Like Me:
they better!
122. Who's the first person to come to mind when you think of the word friend?
probably megan
123. Who's the first person to come to mind when you think of the word enemy?
hehehe "whatzerface" was my official "worst enemy" in high school. her name is jana and we didn't hate each other, i would just annoy her on the bus and she'd insult me.
124. Do they consider you an enemy?
no, she just pretended to
125. What is your best friend's middle name?
i'm not going to tell you their names, even though they don't care
126. Do you trust people?
once i get to know them and i feel i can
127. Do you get along with people?
there are few people i can stand being in the same room with, and i'm pretty easy to get along with. now what does that say about the general population, hmmm? i just get along with people if they're nice.
128. Ever gotten into a physical fight?
yup, many, most with my sister
129. Did you start it?
katie starts most of them
130. Ever gotten a swirlee?
no, that's yucky
131. Ever given one?
no, that's really mean!
132. Who are you jealous of; why are you jealous of them?
i don't really envy specific people. when i see people hugging it kind of makes me jealous since i'm not a real touchy-feely person and don't get many hugs (i got a hug today so i'm good). i also get a bit jealous when i see *ahem* with *ahem*, but that's just because i like *ahem*. i don't object to them dating or anything, i just wish i was the one dating *ahem*
133. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?
i don't know
134. What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
well, i had a boyfriend in 1st grade, that probably lasted for a few weeks, i dunno...
135. Are you currently in a relationship?
136. Are you in love?
137. Do they love you back?
138. Would you get married, today, to someone, if you were told that you'd get
$2,500 a week for the rest of your lives, as long as you never got divorced?
depends on the "someone," if it's a good friend, yes, provided we don't have to... um... do the horizontal hokey pokey UNLESS we mutually like each other "that way" and everything is consentual. if it's a stranger or someone i don't like, no.
139. If you could change one thing about the person you're with/person you'd
like to be with, what would it be?
just that he'd like me "that way" and express it
140. Who (that you know/have known personally) has been the most inspirational
person in your life?
well, many people. i don't know who has been the most though.
141. Who is your hero?
i have several. cj is my "official" hero though.
Ah, Memories.
142. What's your oldest memory?
dreaming that these aliens were in the basement, and one came through the door and sat in the yellow chair. they were nice aliens.
143. What was your favorite toy when you were little?
probably my curious george plushie, but i dismembered it. my parents got me a new one in 8th grade :)
144. Favorite cartoon?
2 stupid dogs (they never show it any more), spongebob squarepants
145. What was your most embarrassing moment in elementary school?
i don't know. i remember an incident in 5th grade though. i was going to catholic school at the time, and my neighbor asked me to watch out for her son who was starting kindergarten there. so i was basically his bus buddy. we were waiting for the buses to go home in the upper elementary gym, and this girl (she was a year older than me) came up to him and said she was his bus buddy. i said that i was, and she yelled at me. she said that SHE was the "official" bus buddy and since she was older than me, SHE was somehow more important, and she was really mean to me. so i put my face in my hands and burst into tears. i always cry when someone yells at me, i just can't stand it. anyway, the girl kept asking if i was ok, and i answered, "i'm fine, i'm just... bored" even though it was obvious that i was crying. i was really angry and embarrassed, and to this day if i ever see the girl or her picture, i feel really angry.
146. Do you have any bad habits; what are they?
spending too much time on the net, trichotillomania and certain symptoms of tourette syndrome (they're not really habits, but it's bad), and i can't think of any others
147. Tell me about the best pet you ever had.
well, emma and belle were my favorites. emma was this morbidly obese abby-tabby, and she was basically my guardian from birth until she died when i was 14. belle is my little black kitty, and she loves to cuddle on my lap.
148. Who is the one person you know now that you'd like to remember forever?
is this implying that i'll have amnesia and forget everyone else? well i don't know then...
149. What one memory do you want to take with you for the rest of your life?
just one? hmmm... maybe the "quadruple wedding" of 9th grade
150. If you could change one thing that happened in the last two years, what
would it be?
i would have been accepted to kenyon, because i wanted to go there instead
151. If you could go back in time to two years ago, knowing what you know now,
would you?
well, i wasn't that much different 2 years ago. plus, my senior year wasn't that bad, up until the end when i got appendicitis. i could go back 2 years ago to the day and i'd probably be fine.
152. Would you go, not knowing what you know now?
sure, and i'd probably end up spilling green finger paint all over the crotch of my pants again too.
153. What is the bravest thing you've ever done?
i don't know, perhaps read that really erotic rocky horror fanfic i wrote aloud during tuesday group a few months ago when there were professors that i'll most likely have in the future in the room...
154. Do you keep a diary?
well, i have this, plus a xanga that i rarely update, and i have a few journals that i occasionally write stuff in. this is my main diary though.
155. Do you save letters and cards from people?
of course! i still have ones that people gave me when i moved from florida to pennsylvania in 4th grade.
All of These Clothes and Nothing To Wear!
go nekkid then! just not in my presence!
156. Do you wear brand name clothing?
well, most clothing has SOME brand name... my favorite hoodie was made by CAC action sportswear plus...
157. Do you wear it because it's brand name?
no, that's silly. buying clothing just for the label is really shallow.
158. Do you know how to tie a tie?
159. A bow tie?
160. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer or separate ones?
161. Do you fold your underwear?
162. When choosing undies, do you go by comfort, or by attractiveness?
comfort, but i do have undies with pippi longstocking on them. they're not uncomfortable, they're just in that weird boy-cut style that i'm not used to, so i don't wear them often.
163. Ever gone anywhere with no underwear?
just in the shower or if i was wearing a bathing suit. once i went to the pool at my grandma's retirement community and realized that i had grabbed my sister's underwear by mistake (this was when i was 13 and she was 6) so i went without it until we went back to grandma's house. that was really weird and uncomfortable, so i'll never do that again...
164. How about to church with no underwear?
noooo, i'm a good girl
165. Do you wear jewelry?
i usually just wear my pentacle necklace
166. A lot of it?
only if i'm playing dress-up
167. Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes.
they're blue with a silver glittery streak, and they have the powerpuff girls on them and rainbow laces. the shoes came with a free watch, but it was pink, so i gave it to my mannequin
168. When you take off your shoes, do you untie them? no, the laces are double-knotted because they always come undone, and i just slip them on and off
169. What is the article of clothing you've owned for the longest time?
well, i have a bunch in my closet at home from around 7th grade, but the oldest thing i can think of that i still wear is this fuzzyish gray sweatshirt from 8th grade
170. Do you wear a hat?
no, i usually don't
171. What's your favorite color? rainbow
172. What color(s) is/are your bedroom painted?
boring creamy white here, and "chardonnay" at home
173. Do you have a lucky number?
87 1/2
174. Have you ever won on a scratch-off lottery ticket; how much did you win?
no, but i only bought one once just because i was old enough to
175. What is the punch line to your favorite joke?
either "MOO!" or "ma'am, that's your air freshener"
176. What's your favorite holiday?
177. What was your best Halloween costume ever?
either the habit i wore this year, the curious george costume my mom made for me when i was a toddler, or that silly bikini apron my friends talked me into wearing when i was 15
178. What's the best Christmas gift you've ever gotten?
either my first game boy, a bb gun, or the digital camera i'm expecting this year
179. What do you collect?
lots of stuff, like seashells, pretty rocks, velma stuff, hedwig stuff, rocky horror stuff, fossils, random neopets items that are really cool, etc.
180. Own any Beanie Babies; how many do you own?
about half a dozen, mostly since people gave them to me
181. Have you ever thought seriously about committing suicide?
about a year and a half ago after my surgery and before college, but they were these recurring thoughts that wouldn't leave me alone, and i didn't want to die
182. Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
183. What is your stage name/pen name?
right now it's just "ade" with no real last name
184. Are you wearing shoes right now?
185. What are you asking for, Christmas-wise?
a digital camera, and maybe a dvd or two
186. What word do you use when you think something is good (i.e.: cool)?
super (i got that from big gay al) or coolness
187. Would you ever bungee jump?
188. Sky dive?
probably not
189. What are you worried about right now?
the last 2 finals, moving, my nana, and cj
190. Do you think you are strong?
*sings* i am strong, i am invincible, i am WOMAN! ...well, i'm pretty strong, i guess...
191. Do you wish on stars?
if i remember to
Look down. Are you male or female?
i can't tell by looking down. i'm not naked, silly! but judging from the lumps on my torso and the lack of a crotch bulge, i'd say i'm female
192. What's the craziest thing you've done on a bet?
i don't really know. my sister bet me a nickel that i was wearing a nightie in this video of us doing the siamese cat dance 9 years ago. i said i was wearing pjs. she lost, and i made 5 cents.
193. What did you get out of it?
i was 5 cents richer!
Let's End This, Shall We?
indeed! i have a final i need to study for tomorrow!
194. How long did it take you to fill out this survey?
a long time
195. What's today's date?
196. Do you feel better about yourself now, do ya?
no, i feel cold and hungry, and my finger hurts
197. Ok, I guess not.
right you are
198. Do you know me?
i know me!
199. Do I know you?
you know you!
200. Do you want to know me?
will you give me a cookie?


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