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well, just took my psych final. i think i did pretty well, and it wasn't very hard. i better get at least a B+, since i'm getting an A in the class. if i pull off an A, it'll be my first A at allegheny. i also really hope i'm getting an A in art, since dave liked my work, and i put in many hours at the studio (at least for the dolls and dragons - the other 2 projects weren't quite so detailed and laborous). if i get 2 As this semester, i'll be so incredibly happy that i'll end up doing something outrageous, like buying my sister ice cream or prancing around the woods without a coat on and singing. plus, my dad is satisfied if i at least get Bs, and he won't have anything to harass me about (except maybe how messy my room is or how i need to buy new clothes, but he always harasses me about that stuff).

so what now? well, first of all, i need to hunt around my room and find the piece of paper describing my brit. lit. paper. i know it's about book 10 of "paradise lost" and it's supposed to be 5-7 pages and due tomorrow morning, but right now my room is incredibly messy due to packing, and i didn't have enough common sense to put that piece of paper in my brit. lit. folder. i know the paper is in here somewhere, and i WILL find it! if not, i can just go down the hall and see if i can get the question from a girl in my class, but i will NOT be irresponsible! it's in here somewhere!

well, back to the chaos that is my life. i'll be better 24 hours from now. goodbye.

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