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oy. i'm running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep and caffeine (i hate coffee but i made some this morning so i could write a 6-page paper by 9). BUT i managed to write 6 pages on "paradise lost" in 3 hours and turn it in ON TIME with almost an hour to spare! I got 17 1/2 out of 30 on the milton quiz, but i figured i'd fail that quiz. oh well, it's only a small part of the grade, and i've pretty much been getting a solid B in brit. lit. so i'm not too worried.

well, at least i have finals out of the way. now i have less than 4 hours to pack before my dad comes. the caffeine is starting to wear off. oh well. i'm kind of annoyed since my RA was supposed to stop by yesterday so we could take care of checkout and she could sign my room change form. but she was busy (she had 2 finals yesterday and has one today, so i don't blame her), and she won't be free until mid afternoon today. my dad is coming at 1, and we'll probably take a while to load the stuff i'm taking home into the car, but i really need her to sign the form. i'm supposed to turn in the form before i leave. my RA said we can do the room condition report in january, but i need her signature NOW, and i feel bad about bugging her when she's so stressed out.

but i'm going HOME! yay!

After Adam curses Eve for damning humanity, she throws herself at his feet and begs for forgiveness. She humbles herself out of love for him, and she blames herself completely for the fall. "Both have sinned, but thou / Against God only, I against God and thee" (930-1). Though Adam commits the same sin as Eve, eating the fruit, she admits that her sin is worse. God creates her to be submissive to Adam, and she disobeys him. He reminds her not to eat the fruit, but she gives in to temptation. Therefore, since she disobeys both God, the almighty power, and Adam, her husband, she feels more responsible for the fall. Though she accepts the blame, she still loves Adam and wants him to forgive her. "Between us two let there be peace, both joining, / As joined in injuries" (924-5). She realizes that even though they both feel the same guilt, arguing will only further separate them. Eve deeply loves Adam and wants to be with him no matter what, and she asks for peace. She reminds him that they both suffer, but they can suffer together rather than separately. She fears isolation and separation from Adam, so she suggests that they be "joined in injuries" so neither will have to suffer alone. Eve's apology and plea for peace softens Adam's heart, and he sees how much she loves him.

mind you, i don't agree with most of the stuff in "paradise lost" and i hate how sexist everything is, but i wrote the paper anyway. learning to argue for the opposite side comes in handy. mind you i'm a wiccan feminist and "paradise lost" is heavily christian and misogynistic. so what can we learn from this? next time you screw up everything and your boyfriend gets mad at you, throw yourself at his feet, blame yourself, and beg forgiveness.

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