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as of today, i've had my driver's license for 3 years. woohoo. i've been accident-free for aaaalmost that long, unless you count running over some kid's bicycle (DON'T leave them in the driveway!!!), getting a flat at megan's house, and a couple other instances. of course, i don't drive much. i don't like to drive.

during dinner, the phone rang and katie answered. behold the following conversation:

katie: hello?
me: who is it?
katie: she's having dinner right now, can she call you back?
me: WHO IS IT?
katie: bye (hangs up)
dad and me: WHO WAS IT?
katie: rachel
dad and me: who's rachel?
katie: i mean laura! (we laugh)
me: when there's a call for me, GIVE ME THE PHONE! i don't care if i'm eating dinner!
katie: well, DAD SAID that when we're having dinner, you tell people you'll call them back
me: i don't care what DAD SAID, when i have a call, GIVE ME THE PHONE!!!!!!!!
dad: are you challenging my total male authority?
me: yes, because i stand for total ade authority! (resumes eating)
dad: (hands me his empty plate) will you get me seconds, please?
me: (starts to get up, realizes he's joking, slams fork down, and glares at him) NO!

ah, dinner time at the conway house. the things i miss at college. but then, seeing how many people we can fit at one table is fun too, even if it means no elbow room. well, i eventually called "rachel" back, then i went online. and i think it's time i gave another friend a call. i might actually go to the late christmas eve service at church tomorrow. amazing, huh?

my hands are cold, and i feel like going upstairs and doing some hardcore game boy (dragon warrior monsters, baby! i'm raising my medusaeye to breed with my andreal and produce an orochi, but i don't remember if that combination works... i think it does...). lalala...

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