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my sister is writing a "bill" for me, since i'm apparently some crazy rich lady who buys 20,000 issues of playboy magazine, along with 200,000 remote control panties (for party favors), and other weird stuff. katie says i have to put condoms as balloons. 30,000 of them. yay. christmas eve insanity in the basement. she's watching me type. HI KATIE!! you suck! she said "dear ade, fuck you." hehehe my sister swears a lot.

so, what's on the slab for today? well, my dad and i are fixing the bathtub, hooking the laptop up to the internet, and probably doing a bunch of other random chores. then i'll probably get lazy and play game boy for the rest of the afternoon. tonight i'm going to church, and since it will be late at night, i hope i don't fall asleep and drool all over myself, even though i'm used to staying up late now. then i'll go to bed and wait for santa. katie will probably wake me up at 5 am even though i told her not to wake me up at all this year, and she'll probably dump out my stocking for me and annoy the heck out of me until i yell at her, we wake our parents up, and they yell at us. it happens most years (the last 2 years we went to NC, but we're going there on the 27th this year, i think). i doubt my dad will get drunk this christmas eve, so i won't have anything to laugh at (except maybe the 7 of 9 ornament on the tree - who wears heels with a space suit?). oh well.

all the neighborhood kids loved the presents i gave them. elli carries the purple bear around all the time and screams if anyone touches it. when she was thinking of names, she said: "i have the perfect name! ade the big big big fat gummi bear!" hmmmm, i had no idea i was THAT big! then elli said, "i'm the gummi bear fucker." my goodness, the girl is nearly 7 and she has quite the potty mouth. and she's trilingual (born in sweden, living in the US, and fluent in german), so she can swear in 3 languages.

well, i'm obviously bored. must go find something else to do...

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