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woohoo! today was interesting so far. katie and i were playing monopoly, and when we were really into the game (houses and hotels all over the place), katie bumped me, i bumped the board, and the whole thing fell off the table, scattering stuff everywhere. whew. then katie and i were role-playing "santa" and took turns being a mall santa. i got to have mr. reese (my 9th grade geometry teacher), several psychos, and mr. bean sit on my lap, and she had big gay al, a seductress, and a crazy kid obsessed with turnips on her lap. we're just sooooo silly. and we kind of have this tradition of opening one present on xmas eve, so katie got toe socks and a cd from uncle clarke and aunt cathie, and i got a spongebob bandana and this really cool nightmare before christmas tumbler from katie. when we were shaking and feeling presents earlier (that's half the fun of presents - predicting what's inside them!), katie let it slip that i'm getting a lego castle. oooh, i hope i get harry potter legos, that would rock! of course, legos remind me of laura and her sexual theories now, but i'm sure i'll be able to put the castle together without thinking dirty thoughts or giggling.

my new years resolutions almost never work out, so i'm not making any for 2003. HA! though i HOPE i can publish something, if i actually get around to submitting anything. i'm too lazy. oh well. it's cooooooold in the basement, my parents never turn up the thermostat and walk around the house wearing 10 layers of clothing instead of cranking the heat up. sure, it saves the energy bill, but wearing lots of clothing gets uncomfortable. it reminds me of randy in "a christmas story" - *whines* "i can't move my arms!" why can't they just turn the stupid heater on? it works all the time and it doesn't make hissing, buzzing, bubbling, popping, or banging noises, so why not use it? sheesh. i'll never understand my parents. but they'll never understand me either, so we're even, and i like it that way! woo!

i had a dream last night that was quite interesting. in one part, i was shopping at a grocery store, then i was going to the alpha workshop again. but for some reason it was inside a big old gnarly tree by a parking lot. i saw a few alpha people, but a couple argo people were there too (that kind of makes sense - i know many of the alphans would like argo and vice versa). then i was going to do an oil pastel drawing. there were a couple other people in the room with easels. anne from argo was there and she said i should do a charcoal drawing instead, so i did. i started drawing this girl with a big blank spot behind her, and i thought about drawing an evil wolf sneaking up behind her. i don't know what that was all about, and i didn't really like the drawing, but i did it anyway. then there was something about the adults and the dream ended. i'm not sure what that was all about, but it made me miss alpha a lot.

i'm hungry again, and there's 2 hours and 15 minutes before the church thing. i'm just going to hear the pretty music, see cj, and have an excuse to stay up really late. last night my mom came in around 12:30 and asked why i was still awake. well, i'm not used to going to bed at 9 or 10 pm any more, so of course i was still up.

who wants to get me a paid account for christmas? anybody?

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