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merry christmas everyone, whether you celebrate it or not! last night i left a note for santa before going to bed, but we forgot to put out milk, cookies, and a carrot for rudolph. my mom thought the note was hilarious so she saved it. it said:

dear santa,
sorry my family is so lazy. there's milk in the fridge and cookies by the phone. help yourself.


all right, so here are the highlights of the day so far:
my favorite presents were the DIGITAL CAMERA (this really neat fuji model, my dad said it cost as much as my computer... yowza!) and the harry potter lego set (dumbledore's office, complete with everything but fawkes). i got a couple new hoodies (i have a dozen hoodies, but i usually only wear one of them, so people always buy me new ones hoping i'll change my sweatshirt once in a while), some books (nothing too interesting though... i want FICTION and lots of fantasy and magic, not some account of an 18th century political rivalry or some of the other books i got), some ornaments, and other stuff. i keep telling people NEVER to buy me clothes but i keep getting them, and afterwards my mom asked me if i was glad i didn't get too many clothes (i got 4 clothing items, and i'll probably only wear half of them!). blah. oh well, never look a gift horse in the mouth. i should be grateful for what i have. i do love the camera and the legos (i LOVE getting new toys, they make me happy! i always got really angry as a child if i got more books than toys - i loved books, but i wanted stuff i could play with too...). we dressed up the mannequin in a green outfit and a santa hat, and she scares everyone who walks into the family room, even me. we had dinner really early (the dinner was good, but i know i'll be starving at 10 since i get hungry when we eat early), and katie and i made this apple thing for dessert. it was all right. i spent most of the afternoon building the lego tower. my dad set up the internet on his laptop, but it froze a couple times when i was checking my email so i went back to his regular, slower pc. well, i hope it works soon. i also hope he brings it to north carolina when we go on friday. i'm so excited to see everyone, it's been kinda lonely here since my friends are either away or busy and i only have the neighborhood kids to hang around with. they're fun, but i need conversation! oh well.

my family is thinking about going to see HP2, since they haven't seen it yet. they asked if i wanted to see it again and i said yes, even though i've already seen it twice. i do want to see LOTR, and i know i will with laura sometime probably in early january. that sentence structure didn't make sense. oh well, my fingers are too cold to go back and change it. anyway... yeah. i got a digital camera! woohoo!

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