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dum de dum... just got back from a pride alliance meeting...
i got a sweatshirt today that has the weeeeeee squirrel on it! go to and laugh your head off at the silly squirrel music video!

i suppose i should go have dinner soon, then play "the sims" and maybe do some homework. i hope carrie will be at anthony's tonight so i can go to bed early and get my beauty (ha) rest. it feels so mundane being back at school. but i'm all right. my biggest worry is if i'll be able to find a decent roommate who'll tolerate me for next year. i'm not a bad roommate! i'm just a weird one! i'm a sweetheart, really!

*sigh* i already miss my friends at home, but i got to see most of them last week, so i'm happy. now it's time to get back into the swing of things and get to schoolwork and finish off the damn year so i can go home and... get a job... uh... oh well.

ooh it's all snowy and pretty and squishy outside... i want to prance with the fairies... but i should eat first. bye bye!

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