Ade (agentfroot) wrote,


Three traits you're happy to possess:
1. my gray eyes with perfect vision
2. my little hands
3. a uvula! everyone takes them for granted!

Three traits you're not so happy to possess:
1. appendectomy scar (it wouldn't be so bad if it didn't leave a big dent in my belly fat)
2. the... um... jiggly thingies...
3. stretch marks (blech)

Three traits you wish you possessed:
1. 6 more inches of hair (head hair, silly!)
2. decent sinuses
3. stamina


Three traits you're happy to possess:
1. super high IQ (it's somewhere between 135 and 145, depending on the test)
2. crazed imagination
3. ability to memorize things

Three traits you're not so happy to possess:
1. i can be really immature sometimes
2. lack of common sense
3. internet addiction

Three traits you wish you possessed:
1. social skills
2. ability to talk without screwing up, saying the wrong thing, or saying something that could be interpreted in a dirty way
3. musical ability


Three ideal mental characteristics of a partner:
1. intelligence
2. sense of humor
3. strong inner child

Three ideal physical characteristics of a partner:
(this is IDEAL, and none of these are required!)
1. long hair (especially on females, on males it's nice if it's well-maintained)
2. chubbiness (curviness on girls is a plus, with guys it's nice to have a little belly to poke)
3. nice hands

Three things your partner should know and understand about you:
1. i'm very independent and like to spend lots of time alone, so don't be offended if i don't spend a lot of time with you
2. i'm going to be who i am, and don't even try to change me... i evolve when i'm ready
3. i'm a prude, i'm very sexually naive, and for some reason i'm kind of phalluphobic (you can figure out what that means). i'll only do sexual stuff (this includes foreplay) when i'm ready and i'm sure i love the person. sex is sacred, and i refuse to do it unless there's a good, loving relationship there. it doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship (good friends with benefits are ok as long as they're fine with it and sex doesn't interfere with the friendship), but i have to really love the person. wow, out of all 3 this was the longest paragraph...


Three things you've done and are proud of:
1. the play that megan and i wrote was a runner-up in a contest and had a public reading (yesssss!!!!!)
2. 2nd place spelling bee in 4th grade (i have a trophy, and i'm not upset that i didn't win 1st since one of my best friends, who was a total genius, beat me, so i was happy for her) and consistent spelling bee representative for mother of sorrows school in 5th and 6th grade (i was among the last 6 in a competition among catholic schools once, and i would have done better but i screwed up "coleslaw" because i couldn't concentrate since i was hungry, i'd been sitting for too long, and i had to go potty)
3. i managed to make friends at allegheny! yes! i'm not completely socially retarded after all!

Three things you've done and regret:
1. emailing al gore in 8th grade (if you don't know the story, PLEASE don't ask...)
2. throwing tennis balls at megan in 8th grade gym class before i knew her (i apologized a million times, and she forgave me a long time ago, and i'm still trying to forgive myself)
3. i acted like a total idiot at a certain event a couple months ago, and i felt so bad about it afterwards, especially when my friend called and scolded me, that i sat in my room and cried for a few hours

Three things you plan on doing:
1. publishing SOMETHING
2. seeing rocky horror AND hedwig live sometime before i die
3. i don't want to die a virgin... i want to have SOME kind of experience before i die, just to know what it's like


Three people who have influenced you most (and how?):
1. megan, she's responsible for introducing me to many interesting things (tori amos, sandman, etc.), and she's just an amazing, awesome person
2. cj, since she started out as "the crazy sunday school teacher," then i realized that she was really cool, and without her, i probably wouldn't have survived my teenage years (i still have less than 5 months to go... they're aaalmost over...)
3. my 5th grade catholic school teacher, mrs. holes. she once told me, "if you don't keep writing when you're older, i'm going to haunt you." i hated her. to this day, i'm still writing.

Three fictional characters you best relate to:
1. daria
2. velma
3. eeyore

Three people you'd like to meet:
1. tori amos
2. my sister patricia, who was stillborn (i want to know what she would have been like)
3. danny elfman


Three song lyrics you best relate to:
1. "when you gonna make up your mind? when you gonna love you as much as i do? when you gonna make up your mind, cuz things are gonna change so fast..." - "winter" by tori amos
2. "i never wanna act my age! what's my age again?" - blink 182
3. "if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice, through the dark turns and noise of this wicked little town" - "wicked little town" by hedwig and the angry inch

Three good pieces of advice:
1. be who you are, and if others don't like it they can go fuck themselves (and do it the hard way! no hands!)
2. do what you will, but harm none (it comes with the religion, but it's really good advice...)
3. "diet" is "die" without the "t." there's nothing wrong with being fat if you're healthy, and society has issues. dieting is a 4-letter word (my grandma said that, and i agree!).

Three writings everyone should read:
1. the harry potter books (especially those narrow-minded christian groups that claim the books are satanic - they're NOT, and anyone who has read the books KNOWS that satanism is never mentioned or endorsed!)
2. all of my future books! buy them! i'll sign them for you and everything!
3. "remember the secret" - it's a children's book about two kids who are friends with angels, then one kid dies and becomes an angel. it provides a really interesting perspective on death and the afterlife (it mentions God in it, but that could be interpreted for almost any religion), and it makes me bawl my eyes out whenever i read it.


Three things you'd like to see more of:
1. peace
2. kindness
3. drag queens (OK, so i have a weird fascination, but i respect them and think they're wonderful, particularly if they can pull off the feminine look well without looking cheap and tacky)

Three things you'd like to see less of:
1. pop icons (BLECH!!!!!)
2. proselytizing - it's just wrong, and it creates warped views of religion. i wouldn't have such big issues with evangelists, fundies, and JWs if they kept their religions to themselves and didn't try to convert everyone else and condemn those who refuse to convert. i know they're not ALL like that, and i'm friends with a couple of ex-fundies who are some of the nicest people i've ever met (they're wiccan clergy now, hehehe), so i can't be TOO prejudiced, but i know people who will hate an entire religion because of some of the people who set a bad example.
3. cruelty towards people, animals, the environment, etc. humans can be so mean!

Three organizations you do or would support:
2. anything that puts a stop to bullying
3. tourette syndrome association (i like knowing that i'm not the only one with weird tics)

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