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hi all! i'm back from NC, and i brought a toaster oven, enough ramen noodles to get me through the spring semester, a hot pot, a big jar of biscottis, and an annoying cold back with me. my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma got me awesome presents (NO clothing from any of them! yeehaw!). little danny is adorable, and even though he's the biggest crybaby, he's sweet. he's built like a toddler football player, and he weighs the same as kara, who is almost 2 years older than him. they can even wear each other's clothes (kara wears danny's clothes anyway... i doubt barb and sam would dress danny in kara's girly clothes... though i would if given the opportunity :P ). and i got to eat lots of yummy food! unfortunately there was no computer available, and i got a cold (probably from being around the toddlers and sleeping under a vent in the basement using dusty pillows that kicked my allergies into hyper drive).

my sister has been trying to convince my dad to move to north carolina. mooresville is a fast-growing suburb, and there's tons of housing and lots of jobs. i'm considering moving there after graduation (i have 2 1/2 years to think about it, and if pittsburgh's economy doesn't shape up by the time i'm out of college, i'm definitely migrating to a place where i can easily get a job and be near my "cool" relatives).

bleh. me no feel so good. my sis is a brat. my ears tickle. goodbye.

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