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it's about time i wrote some good fantasy. i've been writing young adult fiction for the most part (my main characters tend to be 12-17-year-old females, but i occasionally branch out and work with older or younger characters and sometimes males). i love young adult fiction (i have quite a collection of different coming-of-age novels that i read multiple times), but i also love fantasy. solution? combine them. it works! so i kind of abandoned one of the stories i was writing (yet another maggie and marina odyssey - i love those characters, but there's no magic in their adventures) and started one i had been pondering for a while.

want to hear about it, even though it's only a couple pages long? ok! it takes place around 25,000 years ago. i picked two characters, jessie and virginia (i've used them in one or two stories, but not together since they're very different), and sent them back in time to visit some cro-magnon folks. so who are jessie and virginia? well, jessie is pretty normal (she was kinda boring so i didn't use her for many stories), and in this story she'll be about 14. she looks kind of like i did in junior high, only normal height and with a rather slender figure (i've tried to picture myself like that, but i realized that i'd look pretty normal and boring that way... makes me appreciate my unusual size and figure). in this story she's more of the logical thinker, trying to figure out how they got back in time, why they're there, and what they should do. virginia is going to be 16 in this story, and she's more of an oddball character. she's a bisexual pagan with purple-streaked wavy hair, and she'd rather get to know the group than go back to the future. i guess i'll make virginia and jessie cousins, since they argue a lot in the story (too much to be good friends). all right, so why are they back in the ice age? i have no idea. that idea will come later. on to the plot. they find themselves in a cave, surrounded by people with scraggly hair and furry clothes. jessie panics, and virginia thinks it's cool. they meet emka, this morbidly obese leader (OK, so it was partially inspired by jean auel's new book, which i still need to finish reading), and they get chummy with some of the locals despite the language and generation barriers. there's going to be a venus of willendorf figurine somewhere in the story - i want to show the difference in body ideals and goddess visions and stuff like that. maybe the girls were summoned by a high priestess or something, i don't know. there's also going to be a little sex - just to keep things interesting. maybe the girls are on a mission, and they spy a herd of unicorns. maybe they end up taking someone to the future with them. the story will evolve. right now it's mostly dialogue, so i need to work around that. there needs to be more action and description. and this time the characters won't sound like they're all in therapy, because that's what the dialogue sounds like in many of my stories. they're going to lie and hide things and not talk about their feelings! HA!

i need a calendar. maybe i'll get a wiccan calendar, since i tend to forget when major holidays and full moons are (bad pagan! go dust the pretty rocks on your altar!). i think i'm also going to get myself a paid account again. i like having lots of icons, searching local directories, and doing fun stuff like that. eeeeyaaaaaah, i better not have another ear infection. i had too many as a little kid, and i've been sporadically plagued with them throughout my young life. it's a wonder i'm not deaf already. sheesh. if it weren't for amoxicillan, i probably would be. oh well... i guess if it gets any worse, i'll have to see a doctor. the thing is, i don't exactly have a regular doctor any more. i used to go to this pediatrician until last year (even at 18 she kept giving me the don't-smoke-or-drink-or-have-unprotected-sex-or-eat-too-much-candy-yada-yada-yada lecture, even though i don't do the first three, and i eat candy in moderation). now i'm too old, and my mom hasn't bothered to find me a regular doctor yet. oh well, i guess i don't need annual check-ups any more (bi-annual, maybe), and if there's an ear, nose, and throat doctor in town, i'll be fine. 75% of my health problems are in those areas anyway. well, i won't talk about doctors or health problems any more. i don't know if i've seen a doctor since my last post-appendectomy-with-the-bugger-of-an-infection visit a year and a few months ago anyway. *shrug*

someday when i'm older and financially stable, i'm going to adopt russian teenagers. i overheard my aunt talking about russian orphanages and how they throw kids out when they're 15. most of the girls become prostitutes, and the boys join gangs. many kids run away before they turn 15 because they fear the day they'll be thrown out with nothing but the cloths on their backs. so when i'm older and lonely and have enough money, i'll go to russia every once in a while and come back with an adolescent or two. then i can homeschool them, encourage them to get jobs and go to college, and give them better lives than they would have on the streets. there's really no hope for russian orphans other than foreign adoption. i'm really glad that my aunt and uncle took in kara and danny (after years of miscarriages and pregnancy problems, they decided adoption would be the best since they couldn't have their own kids). they're great kids, and i don't want to picture them wandering the streets as poor, lost teenagers. barb and sam are good parents, even if barb does go strict on them sometimes (she was a teenage rebel and drove her parents crazy, and my dad says there's no stricter parent than a reformed wild child... except maybe his mother, who was incredibly strict on her kids). i just hope i have enough opportunities to visit them and, play with kara and danny. kara adores me, and danny will warm up to me once he gets to know me better.

well, time for me to shut up and go to bed, since i had a long day and i'm sick. night all!

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