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pah. it's new years and i'm miserable. why? well, i'm sick, and that takes the fun out of everything. my throat and ears are tickly and achy, and i can't breathe through my nose. i wanted to do something fun tonight, but i don't feel like leaving the house. laura and spam are going to see LOTR tonight, and i wanted to go too, but i don't want to leave the house in my condition. *grumble* pooey. well, megan and i were talking about seeing it tomorrow, so i'll EVENTUALLY see the movie, but tonight i'll be bored. my neighbors are over, but after dinner i'll probably retreat to my room and read until i fall asleep. ugh. anybody want to come over and entertain me?

anyway, we were listening to the capital steps on the radio, and they did this hilarious parody of "away in a manger." basically it was a satire of how PC everything is now and how the nativity scene should be really inclusive. they said the baby jesus should be played by a "differently-abled small person who's bi." i howled at that one. hmmm, does that mean i get to be jesus? well, i'm not exactly "differently-abled" (or male, for that matter), but that's ok.

ooh! dinner time! i'm hungry. goodbye.

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