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Ah, I'm still in my pjs and it's the afternoon. Well, I feel obligated to do a year-in-review thing. So here's the abridged version of my year (if I leave anything important out, tell me):

-rang in 2002 at Megan's house
-started second semester of my freshman year at Allegheny all right
-started going to the counseling center about my social retardation
-met Jen through fencing, finally found a decent friend, and she introduced me to Tuesday group and ARGO
-had a better second semester, though my grades went down a bit
-saw "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" for the first time at the lesbian and gay film festival and immediately fell in love with the movie, sparking an ongoing obsession
-saw "Into the Woods" live for the first time (I was obsessed with the musical in junior high and part of high school)
-somewhere in the year, my Nana was diagnosed with lung cancer, and my aunt Ava had a heart operation
-went home and tried to find a job but failed miserably
-CJ took me to my first SCA event for my 19th birthday, and it was fun despite the cold and slightly uncomfortable outfit I wore
-I worked a bit for my dad's business
-the highlight of the summer was definitely the Alpha workshop, where I had fun congregating with other young writers (I was the oldest AND shortest - woohoo!) and I learned a lot of nifty stuff
-after Alpha came Confluence, my first convention experience... very interesting and a lot of fun!
-went to Vermont with my family, as usual
-went to the Renaissance festival TWICE
-started my sophomore year at Allegheny with my own room... on the worst floor possible
-did some rather interesting art projects
-saw Nana and the other relatives in Florida over Thanksgiving, felt depressed because she's dying
-saw "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" twice
-stayed home over Christmas but visited relatives in North Carolina
-rang in 2003 sick and almost miserable

more to come, but my dad needs the computer.

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