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well, grades haven't come in the mail yet, but i checked online and they were finally there. so here's what i got:

intro to studio art: a-
intro to psych (sex and gender): a
forms of the cinema (english): b-
early brit. lit.: b

my parents are happy (my dad whined a bit about the b-, but i ignored him), and so am i. i wonder why i got an a- in art since i worked my arse off, but it's still an a, and dave has issues, so that's that. my gpa is 3.35, so that's decent. these are the best grades i've had in college so far (last year i just got bs and cs).

yesterday i FINALLY saw LOTR with megan and sarah. it was quite good. i like the tree people. afterwards, we went to a chinese restaurant, and sarah was surprised to see someone she knew working there - the waitress apparently worked at a buffett restaurant she went to the previous day, and she also went to her church. we were the only people there the whole time (it was after 8:30, when people usually don't go out to eat), and it was nice even though sarah kept whining and whispering stuff about the waitress. afterwards, we rented "willow" (megan had been urging me to see it, and even though sarah didn't want to see it, we couldn't agree on anything) and watched it at megan's house. i liked it (and not just because it had dwarves, a guy in drag, pigs, and a chick in chainmail in it). sure, it was kinda cheesy at parts, but pre-computer-animation fantasy movies are like that. and i wanted to live in the dwarf village, but megan said it doesn't exist! oh well.

well, today we're not really doing anything. some jehovah's witness people rang the doorbell but nobody answered (i was in my pjs and not prepared for scaring people). apparently they came yesterday too, and my dad thinks they're targeting us. HAH! my family will NOT convert! i just can't wait until they ring the doorbell when i'm ready, and i can come to the door wearing some weird outfit and talk to them.

JW: hello, little girl, is your mommy or daddy around?
ade: they're busy cooking right now.
JW: oh, well then may i step into the kitchen and have a word with them?
ade: they can't listen. they're cooking. on the stove. with garlic. in a pot of water. *eyes JWs* say, i'd like to have you for dinner too...
*JWs run away*


JW: have you found jesus?
ade: did he run away AGAIN? *sigh* i TOLD mary to keep a leash on him! when i get my hands on that boy...


JW: have you accepted jesus christ as your personal lord and savior?
ade: no... but i love his work.

ok, so the last one was kind of a stolen idea... and i probably couldn't keep a straight face if i said that. see how influential hedwig is?
seriously, no offense to JWs, i just can't stand how they feel the need to go out and try to convert people. don't they have anything better to do than go door-to-door and bother people?

well, i should go eat something. bye!

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