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today was uneventful, yet somehow amusing. i wanted to do something tonight while my sis was at a sleepover, but i was too lazy to actually do anything.

last night i had some weird dreams, but the most amusing was the first one. i don't remember most of it, but i remember being in a room with 4 mannequins (one was mine), and i was talking to a male mannequin. we were going to have a "war" or something (not a real war, just a mock battle where nobody really got hurt). so the mannequins were my soldiers, and it seemed perfectly normal that they were alive. i lined them up against the wall with their faces leaning on it, then i left. apparently i was in the high school parking lot, and i didn't know where i had left the mannequins, possibly by the trees. i started walking down the sidewalk on top of the hill where the fields are (above the middle school) in the dark, wondering what to do with the mannequins. i figured i could stand them all up and give them weapons, but then i remembered that i don't really have any decent combat weapons. i know i pictured the male holding a sword valiantly, but i have no such sword (my only sword is a practice foil, and it's up at allegheny anyway). i reached some part where there was a downward dip, and i think someone told me to look for the hole in the ground. apparently my team had a hideout there, so i was looking for it in the dark. i had my phone with me (not a cell phone, just my cordless phone), and i didn't know what use it would be. i saw the hole and decided to jump in. it was about as wide around as me, and i din't know if i could fit in there, but i jumped in feet-first. my feet got stuck up to the ankles (they must have been tangled in my sheets), but i wiggled around and eventually dropped down into the hideout and landed in a comfy white chair. i saw a couple guys sitting down there, and i started talking to them. i thought i should move in case someone else went down the hole, so i stood up. i abruptly sat up in bed and opened my eyes, and the scene of the hideout faded to my room. i was disoriented and confused, so i lay back down, thinking i could still sit in the chair. then i realized i had been dreaming, and i was amused. hmmm, living, fighting mannequins.

i think that dream was a weird omen for the day. i was sitting in my room in the afternoon and heard a loud crash downstairs. my sister told me, "alice fell down" (bitch is now alice, since she was wearing my lunchlady shirt with the "alice" patch). my poor mannequin had fallen over! she was ok except for a little scratch on her forehead, and she managed to fall between the couch and coffee table, so there was no serious damage. yow. poor girl.

my sis went over to julia's house for a sleepover, and she had me carry her sleeping bag down for her. i met some of julia's friends, and everyone was involved in a massive pillow fight. then i decided to go home even though mrs. benjaminson invited me to stay for tacos (i knew my mom would be upset if i had dinner elsewhere after she worked hard making a chicken cacciatore, so i had to decline). after dinner i helped my dad fix his web site. yes folks, the index.html file is essential (and only functions because of me). so i talked my dad into making me an ice cream sundae. after that, my mom wanted to watch the alpha reading (i read my "runaway mannequin" story at the planetarium during the workshop over the summer), so we watched the video. of course, before the reading was an interesting tape of laura and me, garbed out in huge flumpy lanas, prancing around the room to "gonna make you sweat." wow, i laughed really hard at that, and i have the feeling my parents will use the tape as blackmail against me sometime. after the reading and some other film extravaganzas, we found that my mom had accidentally left the camera on after filming kids sledding. so we were treated to interesting views of the road, the sky, the houses, etc. then she was talking to my neighbor and ended up filming her chest for several minutes (we were all howling with laughter, and my dad said he wanted to go around filming the neighbors' chests too). my neighbor, who had no idea the camera was on, was talking about her daughter and then started dancing around, mimicking her. that, of course, was perfect blackmail material, and i asked my mom how much she'd be willing to pay to not show the tape to my neighbor. after a few minutes, my mom was talking to my 3-year-old neighbor and said "you're a trooper!" poor little libby burst into tears and told her mom, "she called me a trooper!" of course then dad and i gave mom grief about making a little girl cry on christmas on video tape. it was quite funny, and my dad told her she's not allowed to use the camera again. hehehe... i just wish they got caught saying something like "i'm freezing my ass off out here!" yes folks, make sure your camera is OFF, and put the lens cap on. my mom is silly.

well, off to bed. bye!

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