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well. my mom went to florida to take care of nana, and since katie is at school and my dad is at a meeting, i have the house to myself. what does this mean? ultimate laziness and hardcore lj-ness! woohoo! *dances around*

yesterday after i picked my mom up from the middle school (she was subbing there, and one of the cars was at the auto clinic), we went to giant eagle. i ran into amy, this really short lady (only a couple inches taller than me) who works at a local gym. i went there back in junior high when my parents wanted me to be more active (ha!), and she recognized me even though i hadn't seen her in 5 years. so we talked a bit, and i was glad that i was wearing my big poofy jacket so she couldn't see how fat i've gotten since i quit working out. *shrug*

it turns out i'm going back to school on the 11th. i have to be completely moved out of my old room by the 12th so the new people can move in. so on saturday my dad and i (and maybe my sister) will go there and move everything, then i might come back home until the 13th or 14th since i don't want to be all alone up there for a couple days with absolutely nothing to do. i should be seeing my friends as much as possible this week, but what am i doing? sitting around and being lazy. oh well.

i had a dream last night where i was going to what seemed like a renaissance festival, only i was somehow part of it or something. i was with someone but i didn't know who, maybe a guy. we were trying to wrap these ticket tags around our wrists, and maybe eat this interesting bread or something. anyway, then i was supposedly a page or squire and trying to learn to use this glaive-like weapon. all these tall guys were trying to intimidate me, and i think i ended up fighting them, and they were fighting each other. there was this one called grendal (haha) with a painted face who had supposedly appeared in a lands end catalog (riiight...). then these two guys were fighting and one threw up his sword and the other was trying to stab him. the unarmed guy was nice, and i didn't want him to die. the one stabbing him kept trying to push the blade into his shoulder, but it wouldn't go in and just kind of bruised the skin. then they kept fighting and i left. then some older boys were trying to boss me around, and one demanded that i make him some eggs. so i went into the kitchen and started making the eggs when i drifted back into consciousness. what an odd dream. i know it was influenced by some of the books i've been reading lately. oh, and in one part i was painting a really big sword. it looked really pretty, even though i went a little crazy while drawing a horse (i was trying to draw one of the hedwig symbols on the horse, but i kept messing up) and scribbled out the tail wrong. but why would i paint a sword if i was going to use it? especially a sword bigger than me? hmmm...

why is it that EVERY time i do laundry i think of a certain scene from hedwig?

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