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quote of the day, thanks to star_of_fire:
"I swear I saw 20 guys with mullets and 10 more with horrible comb-overs. What the hell? I guess those styles are in for 40 year-old losers with ugly wives."

Haaaaa, you ALWAYS crack me up!

Anywho, the impossible happened. I went to a bookstore and didn't buy anything. I went to this huge bargain bookstore with my dad, and I was looking around but didn't find anything I was looking for or anything I wanted. They had like 4 rows of computer books and not a single one about Photoshop! No good fantasy or graphic novels or anything I wanted. Poo. I left the store feeling depressed. Oh well. There's half a dozen books I'm currently reading (or want to read), anyway.

2 days left here. Still have people I want to see. Yesterday I saw LOTR with Laura for the 2nd time, then we went to Hoss's. Will kept telling blond jokes, including a rather dirty one he wouldn't tell me the answer to while his mom was around. Why do blonds' cars have sun roofs? More leg room! (har har)


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